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Part of this process happens on startup, but some happens on demand, so the first few pages you load might be slower than they should be. On a fast G5 this might be only a matter of a few seconds, but obviously it takes longer on computers with slower CPUs or slower hard disks. Plus, because the components are kept all in one place, certain types of glue code can be dispensed with, allowing the browser to have even less overhead once it's fully loaded. As long as you keep the browser open and don't quit it you can sleep your Mac with Yes, but: Intel Macintoshes are not supported.

Please do not ask for support on Tenderapp. That having been said, if you are absolutely unable or unwilling to upgrade your Intel Mac, it is possible to run TenFourFox on it under the Rosetta PowerPC translator that comes with However, because TenFourFox uses advanced custom code specific to the PowerPC architecture, Rosetta may have compatibility problems running the browser.

Follow the steps below:. In general, using Rosetta to run TenFourFox will be noticeably slower on an Intel Mac, even if you are successful in starting it up.

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The reason is that Rosetta must convert all the PowerPC code in it into Intel machine language on the fly and there is no AltiVec or other acceleration support. As a result, it will appear to be much slower than the last version of Firefox compatible with Snow Leopard 48 , the last version of Firefox compatible with Leopard 16 or the last version of Firefox compatible with Tiger 3.

However, TenFourFox is more up-to-date with web features and security patches, so you may prefer it if your Intel Mac is sufficiently fast enough. At one time a TenFourFox You should not use this version anymore due to known security vulnerabilities. If you can help with building and maintaining a newer release, please post to the development blog.

EMLX to Thunderbird Converter | Import EMLX files to Mozilla Thunderbird

Finally, let us say it again: Intel Macintoshes are not supported under any circumstances, period. Power Macs remain the primary focus of support and development; any indulgence of Intel Macs is on a best-effort basis only. Blame Apple for being cheap about QuickTransit license seats. The good news is, all Intel Macs that can run Yes, because as far as your Mac is concerned TenFourFox is Firefox, so it will use your previous profile seamlessly including all of your old bookmarks, all compatible add-ons and all settings.

However, you may wish to install versions in between and upgrade through them so that your profile is correctly updated , such as from 2 to 3 to 3. Similarly, if you are updating from a Firefox version prior to If your Mac has never run Firefox even if it ran Camino , you don't need to do this. Again, in some cases, you may have corrupted or buggy settings from older versions that will actually cause problems with In that case, you may need to reset your profile ; there is usually no way to fix this otherwise.

As a corollary in general, old versions of Firefox that are no longer supported will typically not be able to use profiles from later versions of Firefox, and may even corrupt them. Once you have started using TenFourFox, you cannot go back to Firefox 3. Even if you get away with it for awhile, we won't support this, and you will run into trouble sooner or later.

If you must use the old Firefox, or use different add-ons or keep different settings, you will need separate profiles. Mozilla explains how to start the Firefox Profile Manager.

A Comparison of Web Browsers for Macintosh (OS X)

These steps will also work for TenFourFox; just substitute the correct application. Be careful: profile management, if done incorrectly, can cause you to lose your current settings and bookmarks. Follow the directions exactly. This is not recommended if you can avoid it. In future, once you've created a new profile -- let's say you called it newprofile -- you can just type firefox -p newprofile to use that profile and avoid using the GUI Profile Manager altogether if you like.

In fact, you can even run them at the same time. Again, the exception is Firefox itself. Firefox 3. Also, do again remember that older versions of Firefox may cease to work after upgrading to TenFourFox due to incompatible profiles. You may wish to use specific profiles for these older Firefox or even old TenFourFox versions if you must run them but it is strongly advised you do not, as these versions of Firefox likely have security issues.

We do not support alternating between Firefox 3. You will get automatic prompts to update if the browser detects your version is not in sync with the version available. Sometimes this may occur even if you appear to be using the same version we do not bump the version number between official releases to avoid getting out of sync with Mozilla, but the browser has a different build ID.

If you are ever in doubt about the version you have, the TenFourFox Start Page will tell you if you are using the most current release. TenFourFox is detected by many sites as Firefox 45, which technically has not been supported by Mozilla since This is on purpose to prevent sites from incorrectly enabling features that TenFourFox may not support, but some sites that would otherwise work perfectly fine with TenFourFox will then complain the browser is too old.

For these sites that mistakenly use the browser's "user agent string" to determine its feature set, you can change it from within TenFourFox by going to Preferences and selecting the TenFourFox tab. From the User Agent dropdown, select an alternative. Select the earliest browser version that is compatible with the site you need; selecting an overly current version may cause the site to enable features TenFourFox might not ever support. Reload the page to see if the change fixed the issue. You may need to experiment with this setting to get some recalcitrant sites to "stick.

The current user agent setting is applied to all sites you visit, but you can change it at any time. If a site doesn't seem to be working properly, make sure your user agent is set to the default before you report a bug. Yes, as well as TLS 1. TLS 1. Yes see the main page for a list of languages. More are coming soon! Is your language not listed? You can help! However, fortunately it's very easy to do.

If you'd like to contribute, post to issue Without this information, certain ligatures and glyph reordering rules cannot be utilized, and the font will appear but not quite correctly. The font renderer in Fortunately, many websites now provide these fonts as downloadable webfonts and TenFourFox can generally use them, so this problem is less common than it used to be. CoreText is not fully implemented in Unfortunately, due to bugs in ATSUI which Apple never corrected, some downloadable webfonts are incompatible and display characters as weird little "boxes" with a character resembling an "A," or sometimes a series of tiny hexadecimal digits.

On We cannot automatically detect these fonts due to limitations in the system libraries we require to remain compatible with When the browser is requested to use a font on the blacklist, it quietly drops it and switches to a fallback font which will hopefully display correctly. Unfortunately, maintaining the "blacklist" is a manual process.

Apple Safari vs. Mozilla Firefox 2.0

Periodically as URLs change or new fonts are used, the blacklist must be updated. If a site you use is causing this problem, you can submit font URLs for investigation. While you can just open a ticket on Tenderapp with the offending website and wait for us to figure it out, a better way to get the problem fixed is to follow the steps in this support ticket , which will greatly expedite the process. We call it IonPower. IonPower automatically accelerates both the browser, add-ons and website JavaScript by transparently compiling JavaScript into native PowerPC machine language; see our tech notes.

It runs as much as 40 times faster than the interpreter. As sites become larger and use more complex JavaScript, even with the special acceleration in When script runtime exceeds a certain threshold, this error appears. The error is otherwise harmless and you can continue to wait if you know the operation will complete. If you get this window frequently, there are a few ways you can improve the browser's script performance.

Try some or all:. TenFourFox adds support for basic adblock , which blocks certain nuisance scripts that implement ads, trackers, cryptominers and other kinds of browser-based malware. As a nice side effect, this interferes with many ads and adblocker-blockers and improves the overall performance of the browser by reducing the amount of JavaScript that must be executed.

Basic adblock is just that: basic. It does not, nor is it designed to, completely block all advertising content and some sites can still track you with non-JavaScript means such as cookies and beacon images.

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If the script is part of the basic functionality of the website, even if it also serves ads or does user tracking, by policy we don't block those. You can use basic adblock in combination with other adblock add-ons, though basic adblock can be substantially faster if used by itself. Basic adblock also functions in Private Browsing windows, which implement additional tracker blocking. Yes, if they are compatible with Firefox 45 and do not require an Intel Macintosh.

While many current versions of add-ons require later versions of Firefox, older versions will generally function, and at least for the time being you can still find these older versions from Mozilla Add-ons. We offer an archive of these add-ons , though we do not support them. Note that adding large numbers of add-ons will make your browser slower , and a badly-coded add-on may cause your browser to act in unexpected ways.

If the browser starts acting incorrectly, consider temporarily disabling or removing add-ons to isolate the problem. You can view the addons that are installed and disable or uninstall them as necessary by going to Tools, Add-ons. Remember: add-ons and plugins are not the same; we don't support plugins and here's why. That said, even though we permit add-ons, add-on support is best effort only. If an add-on trips a bug in the browser, we may or may not fix such bugs at our sole discretion, even if the bug is critical.

You use add-ons at your own risk. If you are unhappy about this policy, please tell them so especially if you are a paid user -- though ignorant comments like this from their staff , who clearly don't know what TenFourFox is and don't care, make it very unlikely they will be of assistance and you should keep that in mind if you're not using the latest and greatest and choose to buy anything in the future from AgileBits. I lost a button in my toolbar or my entire toolbar is missing.

How do I get it back? You may have enabled this yourself, or, if you are using a PowerPC Mac, Camino may have turned the preference on when you upgraded to Camino 2. Please see this page for more information. Java applets do not work in Camino; how do I fix the problem? Starting with Camino 2. In addition, Camino 2.

For more information about installing a Java plug-in and enabling Java, please see this page. If you use another mail client, the following steps should resolve the situation:. This is a bug in Thunderbird 2 that occurs when composing rich-text email is enabled.

This bug has been fixed in Thunderbird 3 if you are unable to upgrade to Thunderbird 3, you can work around this bug in Thunderbird 2 by using plain-text composition instead. The Mac OS X spell-checker is extensible, so there are many third-party spell-checker modules and dictionaries available to support other languages.

If you have installed one of these dictionaries, Camino will use it just like other applications on your Mac. The following are some of the third-party dictionaries and the languages they support:. I read and write in several languages; how do I switch which language is used by the spell-checker? On Mac OS X In many cases, however, the system will choose the correct dictionary automatically. If it does not, follow these steps:.

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  • I accidentally added a word to the dictionary; how do I make the dictionary forget the word? Because of limitations of supporting code that Camino cannot change, a somewhat-complex series of steps is required to open the Spelling panel to forget a word from within Camino.

    Mac OSX Mozilla Thunderbird Junk Mail Tutorial

    How do I disable spell-checking? If you wish to disable spell-checking in Camino in a specific web page text field, Ctrl -click in that field and select the Check Spelling While Typing from the menu; this will remove the check mark next to that item and disable spell-checking. If you wish to disable spell-checking for all web pages, see our Documentation for hidden preferences.

    What is the Camino Crash Reporter, and why does it appear after Camino crashes? When Camino crashes, the Camino Crash Reporter application is triggered and it offers to let you report a crash to the Camino developers. If you prefer not to report a crash, simply click the Cancel button and the Camino Crash Reporter will quit without sending a crash report. You should fill out the text field with a comment describing what you were doing when Camino crashed.

    History of Mozilla Thunderbird

    Note that while your comment is displayed along with your crash report, there is no other personally identifiable information displayed with your crash report. In particular, the URL that triggered the crash is not visible with your report and is only used in aggregate reports that cannot be linked back to your individual crash report.

    Many of the most common crashes are caused by third-party software such as browser plug-ins , but when Camino developers find common crashes in Camino or Mozilla code, they file bugs in Bugzilla with information from the aggregate reports and various individual crash reports. Developers then use the information to develop fixes for the problems that cause these crashes. Each crash report is very helpful, and the Camino Project encourages users to submit reports for every crash; developers cannot fix bugs they cannot identify.

    Skip Navigation. Frequently Asked Questions Everything you always wanted to know about Camino. About Camino What is Camino? Installing Camino Where can I find out more about the latest Camino release and download it? General Questions What is the difference between releases and nightlies? Where are my bookmarks, history, and other personal settings saved?

    Using Camino How do I import bookmarks from my other browser? Troubleshooting I lost a button in my toolbar or my entire toolbar is missing. About Camino Q. Camino is developed by the volunteer members of the Camino Project. Installing Camino Q. General Questions Q. Customizing Camino Q. Camino can also auto-fill login and password forms using information saved in the Keychain.

    Open System Preferences. At least I have webmail to fall back to. Why no decent mail client for Mac in ? Read reply 1. I switched to Apple Mac Mail with I have to admit Mac Mail is better than oldie Eudora. It is amazing how long Eudora continued. I was going to try Thunderbird, but it's DL server can't be found. Nice abandonment move, Mr Mozilla. Thanks very little for keeping us out of the loop. It works fine with MacOS IMAP - e. Version 16 supports chat, and replace iChat, Lightening, the calendar software is good. Version 17 - tested a beta version, is bigger and slower.

    The result is an email client that introduce inconsistencies to the extent that it looses data - messages are lost, entire folder of messages gets lost. File a bug report, and you get a confused developer that doubts your issue, and claims "this has been solved in the next release" - and then add on more functionality. If you need an email client with tons of functionality, numerous chat protocols, gimmicks, bells and whistles, this is perfect.

    But a code that used to be good, stable and reliable is moving out of control. Dropped Outlook for Thunderbird. After upgrading yesterday to Run mouse over messages and they disappear - Kind of feel like a magician. When I say disappear, I don't mean not available, you just can't see the subject on the top 2 or 3 messages. Then God forbid you page down, it is all screwed up!!! Works fine on all email accounts I need to access. Sharing Calendar extension a major plus. Still crashes now and again. Synchronising Tasks should be enabled. Otherwise it'd be a 5 star rating. Excellent tool to download, organise and Search your emails.

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