Shut down running programs on mac

It's the black Apple on icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. Click on Force Quit… toward the middle of the menu. The note " Not Responding " will appear next to frozen apps. The app will quit and can be restarted. If your computer is frozen, you may need to restart it.

The Easy Ways: Login Items

Method 2. The "Force Quit" dialog box will open.

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  • 1. Force Quit from Apple Menu.
  • Force Quit on a Mac: 3 Easy Ways to Close Frozen Applications!

The note " Not Responding " will appear in red next to frozen apps. Method 3. Click Force Quit. Method 4. Click on Spotlight. It's the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click on Activity Monitor under "Applications. Click on "Quit Process" in the upper-left corner of the window.

This will stop the application from running. Method 5. Open the Terminal utility. By default, this is in the Utilities folder, located in the Applications folder. If a normal Force Quit doesn't work, you may need to use this method to end the program. Find the program you want to close. Look for a name that looks similar to the program you are trying to close.

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Once you find the name of program, find the number to the immediate left of it, under the PID column. Make a note of the PID number. Type "q". This will exit the list of applications and return you to the command line. Type "kill ".

How to Force Quit Apps in Mac OS X

Replace the " " with the number from the PID Column you just located. Exit the terminal. The application should quit and you can be relaunched. It is recommended that you try at least one, if not all, of the five methods for force quitting an application on a Mac as outlined above; one of these has the potential to work. If none of these work, there may be a fault with the app, the operating system or even your computer. It might be worth shutting down, especially if your computer has frozen as a whole, and restarting, to see whether this can make a difference.

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4 ways to Force Quit an app on your Mac

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. More detail and images on this process are found above in this article. PAOK says:. February 22, at am. Rudolf Huber says:. January 16, at pm. David Brooks says:. October 26, at am. Nick Leppo says:.

How To View And Kill Processes on your Mac

June 28, at pm. Paul says:.

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  7. June 29, at pm. William says:. June 27, at pm. Boberdoo says:. September 28, at am. Kushal Sogani says:. June 28, at am. Ngeshlew says:. May 16, at am. Eduard Mellaart says:. April 18, at am. Prefer Practicality says:. December 11, at pm. Dungticket says:. Keith Joyce says:. July 4, at pm. Be sure to do this while the app you want to force quit is the foremost application on the Mac, as it will force quit whatever is active when held down.

    This is not well known, but offers perhaps the quickest way to force quit the foreground application in Mac OS X and a very good keyboard shortcut to remember. This is easy to remember but not necessarily the most powerful method, since sometimes an application is completely unresponsive and the menus are inaccessible. Activity Monitor is a powerful way to forcibly quit any app, task, daemon, or process running on Mac OS X. You can think of this as the Mac equivalent to a task manager from the Windows world and a more complex version of the second tips Force Quit window.

    If one of the previous methods fails, this will almost certainly work. If all else fails, using the command line is a surefire way to force an app or process to quit by issuing the low-level kill command. Launch the Terminal and type one of the following commands:.

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    Aim kill at that process specifically:. The kill commands will take out just about anything, and sometimes have the side effect of not honoring Versions, Window Restore, and Auto-Save, so be cautious of potential data loss. Another option for command line users is the pkill command, which works similar to the kill command to forcibly exit and close applications and processes. Remember, when you force quit an app, you will lose any unsaved data in that application.

    You can also force quit several Mac apps at the same time if you find yourself in a situation requiring that. Mac users without an ESC key will instead need to get accustomed to force quitting with Touch Bar , which can sometimes be a few extra steps to access the escape option. This obviously covers the Mac, but from the iOS side of things, you can force quit apps on iPhone, iPad , or iPod touch, as well, depending on the version of iOS and the iOS device itself.

    Swiping up from the bottom of the screen on a new device and then swiping up to discard the app will force quit on any new iPhone or iPad, and older models can force quit by double-pressing Home button to then initiate the quit app process. And finally, much older iOS versions can accomplish this by holding down the Power button until the slide to power option appears, and then hold the Home button until the app closes.

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    This is really for apps and processes running above the system level, not low level kernel resources or system tasks. If you have two Macs with FireWire ports you can try booting the freezing Mac into Target Drive mode to access any critical files. Your worst case situation will come if you have encrypted your entire hard drive.

    The Hard Way: Agents and Dæmons

    Thank you. Is there any way to quit just the process that is causing the app to hang rather than force quitting the entire app? The 10 unsaved documents open right now would benefit from knowing the answer to this if indeed there is one. My Macbook which I got I think in has started crashing. I have force quit a couple of times after letting it rest an hour or so, but no change. Is there anything I can do or is it time to take it to a Mac repair?

    Sound familiar? So I programmed one of the function keys using Keyboard Maestro.

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    Now I can just hit one key and force quit an app. I finally got rid of it thanks to you and Activity Monitor. Thanks again.