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This product is currently only available for Mac OS X, so those with a Windows device will want to skip past this section. One of the best features of Sequel Pro is the ability to access your MySQL databases across any local or remote server. This means you can access your MySQL databases from essentially anywhere you are. It is super easy to download and install , and even provides you with a free demo video to help you get started with using the software.

The company also provides a bunch of reading material to help you get the most out of your experience with Sequel Pro.

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If you are on a tight budget and own a Mac device, head on over to Sequel Pro to get started. You can always upgrade to a more powerful tool later. MySQL Workbench provides database architects, developers, and DBAs with a united visual tool perfect for a variety of essential web design and development tasks. MySQL Workbench can help you with design , development , database administration, performance improvement , and database migration.

MySQL Workbench advises that the easiest way to purchase the software is to buy it directly from the Oracle store. You simply cannot go wrong with such a powerful tool in your web arsenal. Navicat is another top option to help you manage your MySQL database. Navicat will provide you with a user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface to help you manage your database, develop sites, and maintain your data.

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This feature-rich GUI software comes complete with an object designer to help you create, modify, and design database objects. It also comes equipped with a table viewer to help you make modifications to your data and navigate with ease. In addition, you will have access to a foreign key data selection tool to help you lookup tables and create of dropdown lists with little effort.

In addition to these great features, Navicat also provides you with a SQL builder and editor tool, code completion features, and a database design tool that can help you create database models based upon a database you created earlier. In addition, you will have access to a data transfer tool, a data structure synchronization tool, a backup and restore tool, and a scheduling tool to run jobs at specific times.

Navicat is a paid tool , but the company does offer a free day trial. After your day trial is completed, you must purchase the software if you wish to continue using it. Though the price may seem a bit hefty, a number of features you get with the Enterprise Navicat software cannot be beat. This loaded software is very user-friendly and provides you with a wizard system for easy navigation. For some reason, many apps forget about that last one.

How to Install MySQL 8.0 (on Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu) and Get Started with SQL Programming

You can also setup and administer user permissions, the event scheduler, server variables, and when file system access is authorized via SSH for remote hosts , Querious can even display the errors and slow queries logged on the server. When working with a new database or resuming work with one you haven't used in a long time, sometimes you need a high level overview of how your tables are related to each other, and the keys which establish those relationships. The Relationships view gives you that quick understanding, showing you the foreign keys connecting tables together. But Querious even goes a step further.

Not all relationships between tables are necessarily mapped out explicitly with foreign keys either. This is where Artificial Foreign Keys come in.

Only in Querious can you specify "artificial" keys which relate two tables. Querious will then use those added relationships to offer extra features in the Table Content view, such as the in-cell Jump buttons to jump to a referenced row in another table, and the rich "Show Related Rows" panel. Querious has a powerful built-in editor for directly editing CSV and Tab files like a spreadsheet. If a client gives you a CSV file with wacky columns or malformed data, you can easily clean it up Querious.

Need to apply a regular expression replacement to all or just one column? You can! Need to join multiple columns together? Not a problem! Need to split a single column into multiple columns? That's no problem either! Data security is a top priority and that's why Querious supports direct connections to MySQL over encrypted SSL channels, and also through SSH tunnels using password or key authentication right out of the box. Safe, secure, and convenient. Not only can you easily setup and use your database tables, but you can also create and tweak triggers, functions, procedures, views, and events with full visual editors.

Managing user privileges "by hand" can be a pain. With Querious, you can effortlessly see and understand the privileges set for each user. Add and remove database-, table-, and even column-level privileges by simply clicking on checkboxes.

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