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Top Contributors. User Count. See All. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Interface problem: Slow send, fast receive iperf. I replaced the network cables but I got no success. I ran some speed tests, and found out the following: Ubuntu workstation as client, ReadyNAS as server: Client connecting to As you can see is a "upload" to the NAS fast, but a download dead slow.


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What would cause something like this? How can I diagnose the cause? And how do I resolve this problem? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Sebazzz. Message 1 of 4. Labels: Performance.

Install iperf on Mac OSX – Mac App Store

Re: Slow download, fast upload iperf. In the mean while I discovered the following. This event only happens with the ReadyNAS eth0 interface. How do you measure the bandwidth, or speed, of a wireless router? In order to measure the performance of a network, you need at least two devices: one to send data and the other to receive it. Online speed tests like SpeedTest. For most users, this means using a PC or Mac on your home network as a server, and then testing the bandwidth between that server and another device also on your home network.

Installing iPerf on a Mac OS X system

A great utility to test bandwidth between two devices is Iperf , a free tool that you install on at least two computers, designating one of them as the server and the second as the client. Iperf then sends data directly between the two computers, revealing the maximum speed of the wired or wireless network connecting them. Iperf natively runs as a command line utility in Terminal, and the best way to get it is via Homebrew , the open source packet management system. Once Homebrew installation is complete, all you need to do to get Iperf is use the following command:.

The latest version of Iperf3 will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Mac iPerf3 (Network Speed Test Software) Install and Demonstration

This, of course, is just a small example of what Homebrew can do. Go to or otherwise obtain a second Mac and repeat the steps above to install Homebrew and Iperf.

iPerf3 server log script :

Also, you'll need to move back and forth between your two Macs. Head to your first Mac and designate it as a server by entering the following command in Terminal. When prompted by OS X, allow Iperf to accept incoming network connections. This Mac is now listening for an incoming client with which to test. Now designate the second Mac a client by using this command in Terminal:. Remember, mega bits are different from mega bytes ; 1 megabyte MB is equal to 8 megabits Mb.