How to find lost applications on mac

Fixing the Problem of Missing Dock Icons on Your Mac

After the file is extracted and installed, be sure to download and run the latest Combo updater from Apple to ensure its packaged components are fully updated. Though installing from the Combo updater directly might be considered, many times Apple only includes the updated components of applications in these packages and not the whole application itself. In the past, Apple used to include options in OS installers to select individual utilities or system components to install, but this feature has yet to make its way to OS X.

The only Apple-supported option is to boot off the OS installation DVD and perform a standard install, which in Snow Leopard will perform an "Archive and Install" method of installation. This will allow you to preserve your applications and user settings so you should not see a difference after the install, but the underlying OS components including the Apple-supplied applications will be refreshed.

Get Missing Files or Folder Back from Mac

As with using Pacifist, after reinstalling be sure to fully update your system using the latest "Combo" updater for OS X, which will ensure the restored application is fully compatible with your system. Keep in mind that most of Apple's included applications are self-contained so they can be installed manually using some of these methods; however, some other applications from Apple or third-party vendors may include numerous shared resources and require a full reinstallation to get functional again.

Have a fix? Post them below or e-mail us! Problems With Message Content As already mentioned, message content is indexed and searched completely independently from headers. Follow each of the steps below until your issue is resolved. Open Spotlight and check the Privacy tab.

Syncing Apps

Allow some time for Spotlight to index that folder and then try to search your mail again. In the top section, make sure that All messages and their attachments is selected in the offline viewing pop-up menu.

How to retrieve a lost or stolen Mac® with Find My Mac

Reset The Entire Spotlight Index If none of the above methods seem to work, you could reset the entire Spotlight index but it will probably take a long time — up to several hours depending on how much data you have on the disk. Type in this command followed by return: sudo mdutil — E When prompted, enter your system password because only admin users are allowed to use this command. Right-click and choose Synchronize from the pop-up menu. When the process has completed you can check progress in the Mail Activity area try your search again.

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