Mac mini dual boot linux 2011

You will have a dual boot Linux-MacOS, which will allow you to use the both operating systems. I currently use it on my machine, and everything works correctly.

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So, on your Mac desktop, click on the apple, and then on Software Update. Restart your Mac to be sure everything is installed, and be certain that no more updates are available. Then restart your Mac, you will maybe have to do it twice before seeing the Refit menu which will propose you to select to boot on Mac OS or other possibilities.

You should run this after any change to your partitioning scheme either in Mac, Linux or Windows. From the rEFIt initial boot screen, choose "Start Partitioning Tool", carefully read the output, and type 'y' to confirm. Be aware that rEFIt assumes an American keyboard layout. When you are on the rEFIT menu, launch the installation.

1. Download Ubuntu

Choose the text mode to avoid graphical issues, and launch the installation. I can happily report that in Ubuntu If you do have problems though, check the Ubuntu community documentation for your model of Mac. After your install is complete and after you've set up an account, you'll get a notification that there are "restricted" drivers and software that you can install.

By "restricted," Ubuntu means that the drivers work but they're not open source—so if you're interested in living a fully open-source life , you'll want to avoid them. We're more interested in functionality than ideology at least right now , so go ahead and install them all.

How to Dual Boot Linux on Your Mac and Take Back Your Powerhouse Apple Hardware

You'll get updated drivers for your wireless card, your camera, your Ethernet adapter, and more. Next, fire up the Ubuntu Software Center. If it hasn't prompted you by now to the dozens of system software updates you have available, it will now. Let it download and update your system software. You may need to reboot, but I didn't—the updates took a while, but it was quick and painless. When all of your drivers are installed and your OS is up to date, you're ready to get to work. According to Ubuntu's Mactel installation guide , there's a bug in the Ubuntu installer that can cause boot problems after installing and cause problems booting into OS X or Ubuntu.

Here's how:. Now here's the catch : If the rEFIt partition tool tells you that the tables are out of sync but doesn't offer to fix them, or if you see another strange error message, head over to this section of the Ubuntu install guide and scroll down to "Fix Your Partition Tables" for a breakdown of what you should do for each type of error.

[How to] Dual Boot Mac OS X and Ubuntu

Now that your Ubuntu Mac is up and running, it's time to get to work. Your first stop should be our Lifehacker pack for Linux. You can download the apps from our links, or get them from the Ubuntu Software Center, which makes app installations ridiculously easy. Just search for the name of the app you want and click install. It's as simple as that. If you're new to installing programs in Linux and aren't sure how to get started, this handy help page will show you how it's done.

If you're looking for an alternative to your favorite OS X application or utility, look through this guide to switching from OS X to Ubuntu. Each category has a list of applications that are as good or better! Now we gotta unmount the USB disk using this command before writing the image file we created in Step 3.

Wait 5secs and then pull the USB out. You will end up in the bootloader screen of the Mac, now plug in your bootable USB. And press Enter. And leave the boot loader installation device as as it is bottom dropdown in partition management section. After finishing the installation process it will ask to reboot, but DONT! You should end up in a screen like below.

If you have a dual monitor setup, they you will notice that sometimes one of the monitors display less colours than the other one. I read somewhere that this issue happens in EFI based machines with Intel HD xxxx video cards, but I am not exactly sure the reason behind it. The permanent fix for this would be to alter a configuration register for the Intel HD video card.

Install Manjaro On Any Macbook

I had big issues in boot partitions, but following this guide works like a charm. Both on a […]. Help me if you can, please. I did all as mentioned in your how-to and get working ubuntu on my mac mini. After one week of work without any problems, I reboot mac mini.

From Windows

Booting process is come to GRUB and after this just purple ubuntu screen. What it could be? Thank you in advance. Hi, appreciate the terse intallation process. In my case, i am installing ubunti Any idea? I found how to get the terminal. This is not possible using a debian or basic ubuntu installation.

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If someone know how to do that, let me know! It seems that your steps regarding the image preparation with hdiutil and writing to flash by dd are totally unneccessary on Mac Mini Late