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De las dos maneras funcionaba correctamente cambiando el disco en el apartado de discos de arranque. Has probado a arrancar con Alt apretado para elegir el disco de arranque? Vamos que estuve toda la noche de ayer y parte de la tarde de hoy buscando por el foro pero despues de probarlo todo. Tengo que decir tambien por si aporta pista que los discos duros no se llaman igual.

Yo habia probado a introducirlo sin mas cuando estaba arrancando el macbook y pulsar tecla C de esa forma no arrancaba. Una vez arrancado con el cd y con los discos duros en la posicion que se van quedar finalmente ya pude elegir el disco de arranque correcto y reiniciar sin problemas.

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De todas formas si que me gustaria me aclararais si podeis por que no me responde ninguna de las combinaciones de teclas que me indicais. He intentado hacerlo desde el CD del S. Como puedo arreglarlo? No encuentro la factura y tampoco se de cuanto tiempo es la garantia normal que tiene Apple. Lo de siempre, Maquina? Has reseteado la PRAM? Muchas gracias pacojiro. Estoy desesperada. De nada. Vete pensando en la posibildad de que el disco duro haya cascado. Es un problema conocido en esos Macbook.

Y hay un programa de Apple para cambiartelo sin coste, por cierto. Gracias miguimau, Diosss ando perdida, como puedo ver si todavia sigue??? Solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento. Cuando vi mi Mac con la carpetita, sin poder arrancar, se me vino el mundo abajo. He sido autodidacta cuando me pase a Mac y lo poquito que se ha sido a base de cabezazos y quebraderos de cabeza. Voy a empezar por imprimir el de Mantenimiento.

Estupendo Suerte con el Mac, y animo con esa salud. Mientras te raen tu Macbook vete mirando los Temas importantes de Bienvenidos al Mac , especialmente estos dos:. Muchas gracias y un besazo. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted January 15, Alguna solucion o hay que ir al servicio tecnico?? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Has intentado inciar con la tecla alt apretada? My plan is to finish the back-up and then brave the undocumented waters of Disk Utility and see what happens when I try to add the known good volume to an newly created RAID group.

I suppose a clean install will be good to blow away the cobwebs, so to speak, but it will also mean that I have to reinstall all of my software, hunt for install disks and license records, and painfully migrate my personal and work data and settings from the DVD backups back onto the drive. I purchased two disk drives and effectively traded half their total capacity for data security, redundancy and recoverability.

Looks like I got the redundancy but not the recoverability. I may as well just have had two normal disks and done daily security backups from one to the other. I made notes as I went along and I include them below because perhaps some day they will help someone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Well, with the backup finally finished and earlier than expected because Impression is incapable of splitting large files over more than two DVDs; I had to handle the largest file by hand it was time to try and get this RAID up and running again.

I finally tried the diskutil command line tool see "man diskutil" for more info. Time to reboot.

Guía para cambiar el disco duro de tu Macbook Pro por un SSD

Time for another hard reset… I tried to reboot one more time and the result was the same. After stalling at the grey startup screen for some time about eight minutes the fans started to kick in and soon were roaring at full speed with no sign of letting up. I suppose I could have waited around for them to stop but chances are the machine was hung forever. Another hard reset and another when I tried to reboot from the install DVD but evidently did keep the "C" key pressed for long enough, leading to another stall. Looked like I may have to do a clean install after all.

Cómo formatear un disco duro correctamente para usar en un Mac

I formatted both disks, called them "Good" and "Evil". Evil refused to format claiming not enough free space but I was able to create a partition that occupied the entire disk thus wiping everything on it. I found that I could then format. After nearly an hour of indeterminate progress bar and no disk noise at all I decided to abort and try again.

On re-launching the Disk Utility I saw three physical drives in the list when there are in fact only two in reality System Profiler shows only two. A bad sign. Time for a reboot. This time I not only wanted to format both disks but I was going to zero them as well, christening them "Upper" and "Lower".

Turns out though that I got another endless barber pole and no disk access noises at all so once again decided to abort. I got a message: "Error en la escritura de ceros en el disco" "Error writing zeros to disk" , "La escritura de ceros en el disco ha fallado debido al error: No se ha podido abrir el disco" "The writing of zeros to the disk has failed due to the error: unable to open disk".

I then tried to create a blank partition on the disk and got "Bad file descriptor" in English this time. I got the same error again when I tried to format the disk without zeroing. Running DFA on this disk was not an option because the "Repair disc" buttons were ghosted for both the physical drive and the volume on the disc itself.

My old buddy, beachball, soon joined the party. Hard reset number five for the day. I decided to forget about using Disk Utility for now and after rebooting from the install DVD again went straight to the command line.

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I decided to get familiar with diskutil. Next avenue: fsck. Time for an attempted reboot, which yielded stall at spinning progress indicator, hard reset number six. Moving to an even lower-level tool I next fired up "pdisk" see "man pdisk". Trying to edit disk 0 warned me, "The map is not writable". Trying with disk 3 hung forever after emitting a "Resource Busy" error message.

Why did the Bluetooth keyboard work at power on but not after getting to the command prompt?

Once the computer is started up in these modes, however, the Bluetooth software controller is de-installed and will no longer work. To continue in Single-User mode or in Safe Boot mode you will need to use a wired keyboard and mouse. Hard reset number 8. In other words, they remove your corded keyboard and mouse from the box the machine comes in, keep it without offering you a reduction in price, and then they insert the wireless keyboard and mouse in the box, charging you full retail price for it. Single user mode take two.

Typing is a little difficult as the US keyboard map is used by default in single-user mode and this is a Spanish keyboard. I see a message like this:. Much to my surprise when I run pdisk again and try to initialize the partition map for disk0 I get the "Resource busy" message again. I try to edit disk1 and the program hangs, I do a Control-z and kill -9 of the pdisk pid but it has no effect. In subsequent tries I must resort to using "halt -nq" or "reboot -nq", which are barely better than yanking the power cord.

Hard reset number 9. I reboot into single user mode again, trying pdisk on disk2 and getting the "Resource Busy" message. I get a hang on trying with disk0. Time for a quick "reboot -nq". Another reboot, another hard reset number I now tried disconnecting the drives one at a time and seeing what I could achieve in single-user mode.

In fact, no diskutil command works on any disk, all hang, so I issued a "halt -nq". Plugged upper back in, unplugged lower, rebooted into single user mode. At that point pdisk let me overwrite the partition table! Unplug, plug in the other, kextunload and overwrite partition table for that disk. Shutdown, plug in again, reboot from DVD. Things are starting to look good.

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I try to format the disk and write zeros to it but get "No se ha podido abrir el disco" "Unable to open disk". I try to zero the second disk and it seems to work although it takes a long time.

La nueva utilidad de discos de OSX el capitan

I was still getting assorted errors on first disk "Bad file descriptor" and the like so I went back to the command line, "diskutil eraseDisk" works , "diskutil zeroDisk" works. But Apple had one more surprise in store for me. So Apple wants me to install Panther first. But how to eject the DVD?

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I held the eject button, the disk popped out and while I was looking for another boot disk the tray shut. Now I was at a grey screen with a slash symbol on it, the fans started to roar like fucking crazy. The eject key does not work. I will have to hard reset. Number 11 and the first for my brand spanking new RAID. At this point Command-Period does not open the tray and the fans are getting louder and louder. I really should have started up by holding the Option key. What do I do now?

Do I take a chance or do I reformat all over again? Zero all over again? Slash my wrists? Apple provides no way to open the tray that I know of and no way to get the system to restart other than hard resetting. Hard reset.

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Startup with option key. Documented feature Command-Period to open tray does not work. Miraculously, the eject button does work. Boot from DVD. Reinstall all apps.


Restore files from backups. This whole thing has now cost me about 48 hours. I am now into my 72nd hour of this ordeal. I did do a small amount of coding today which I could have lost, and I could also lose much of the email that I received while I was trying to restore the computer today. The UI provides no feedback at this point but my guess is that the RAID is corrupt and the system is trying to repair it or at least operate in a degraded state. I will leave the computer running — thankfully for once the fan is not roaring like a blow heater — all night if need be.