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For the reason that, Windows 10 will then start lagging. If you wish you can add a virtual hard disk to the new machine. You can either create a new hard disk file or select one from the list or from another location using the folder icon. If you need a more complex storage set-up you can skip this step and make the changes to the machine settings once the machine is created. However, The recommended size of the hard disk is Right now the wizard part has been completed and next you are going to configure the virtual machine.

For doing so you have to follow the setting below. Select it and on the top you will see the option for settings. Click on setting.

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Here you will see various options on left side. However, you have to click on System. Further, you will see there more options on the tab. Moreover, you will see different other option. I will guide you here which one you have to select. Next you have to click on Processor Tab.

Further, you have to Click on Display category. Here you should change the Video Memory to MB. There are different other option as well. See if you want to change those. However, it is not essentially required. Moreover, click on Storage category. You have almost completed every single setting. However, there is only one more modification. Where you can edit and ready for the installation.

For the editing the file you have to open the command prompt. Remember before starting command prompt. You are to close VirtualBox. Further, your have to write CMD on search box. When the command prompt opens. Then you can write one by one each of the commands in below. Its time to install macOS Everything is configured and you are ready to install the macOS Mojave operating system.

Follow the steps below for installing macOS Click on the created VirtualBox. And it will start. Furhter, after sometime when everything will load then the first screen will appears. It is the welcome screen. And it will ask about your country. Therefore, select a country and press on Continue. In this screen you will ask about the Data and Privacy. Therefore, read it carefully and the click on Continue. Further, this wizard will ask you about Transfer Information to This Mac. It will ask that how do you want to transfer your information?

At this stage, it will ask you about your Apple ID. As you know that with the help ID you can use many feature of macOS. Therefore, if you have any apple ID enter it. Finally, it will ask about Term and conditions. Simply click on Agree.

Welcome to!

Create A computer Account. Fill out the following information to create your computer account. Here you will ask about Choose the Look your macOS There are two variation. The first one is the light. The second one is Dark version. Select the one which you want. However, I select the light one. Congratulation, you have done great.

Now at this screen it will setting up your Mac. It will take sometime for configuration. Then you will see your macOS Similarly, here is complete video tutorial. If you are still facing problem. Therefore, check out the video and install macOS Mojave. After installation macOS You have find some problem. But these problems are not related to macOS. However, this is because of VirtualBox. But, the good news that we can solve all the problem. Below you will find some Most annoying problems which I will give you the solutions. When you will install the macOS for the first time in VirtualBox.

You will find that the Mouse and Keyboard will not work and it will stuck on one place. Therefore, for make the mouse and keyboard to work follow these steps below. Download the VirtualBox extension and you can find that on VirtualBox download web page.

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Therefore, you have to visit the page and click on the latest version of the VirtualBox Extension Pack. When you have downloaded the Extension. Then you have to double click on it. If you want read everything and at last click on Install. In this step, it will ask about the agreement. Just scroll down and Click on Agree.

Finally, the installation will start. In few minute the installation will complete and a message will come with successfully installed. You have to press on OK. Next you have to click on USB on left hand side. And on the right you have to click on USB 3.

Finally, Click on OK. The main problem with Virtualbox for macOS Because, by default the screen resolution is low. And there is no option for changing the screen resolution. Therefore, we are going to configure the resolution correctly to below. Step 1. Then Close it. Step 2. Click on start button in windows 10 and in search write CMD.

Then the a black screen will open up. Step 3. Step 5. Moreover, you can change scale mode to full screen mode. Enjoy now the macOS Moreover, everything will be completely with high resolution. Conclusion: We have tried our best to make macOS However, if you find any problem or you want to add you feedback or suggestion. Write in comment box below. We will be more than happy to help you for making your world beautiful. I am also teaching online on Youtube and Udemy related to technology. Now serving my service for Technology lover.

You have to choose the VMDK file. Further, when you will add the code in CMD. Then you have to close Virtual Box. It will solve the problem. I followed the instrcutions exactly. Still getting dumped to shell. I downloaded the big file got the vmdk and still stuck. Hello, I followed all the steps, however when initializing the system to follow the installation, it is locked in the screen of the shell. For step 1 I only have I did have same issue — before turning virtualization on in BIOS.

After turning that on, all options as described here became available…. Do one thing. When you will add the code in CMD. Make sure that you must run CMD with administrator. Further, The virtualBox must be closed at the time of submission. I Hope it will work. I see you getting alot of static on here, just read the comments watch the video and video comments, this is working exceptionally well on this junky pavilion lol.

How to Install macOS High Sierra in VirtualBox on Windows 10

Hello, my name is vivien and i m studying now on computer hardware advance diploma…so i need to ask you that i got stuck after running Mac OS X from virtual box……. If you get dumped to shell — the following worked for me. When I start the virtual machine I see only the shell input. Please help! If anyone finds a solution, please, let us know. I was finally successful on my machine by doing two things.

One, I was not seeing the 64 bit option because Virtualization was not Enabled in the BIOS; two, I overlooked the info telling me to do the code changes as an administrator. Mine sometimes sticks at the End RandomSeed but it usually follows an error message about a memory read error. I just keep restarting and it kicks past it. It may be there are too many other programs running in background that are also trying to utilize available memory addresses..

I also was getting the Shell error and after turning it on and changing code as an administrator, mine began to work. Hi Has anyone resolved the no-sound issue?

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I am getting the same. Everything else seems to be working fine. Hi, thanks for the nice article. I tried to follow the steps you mentioned here but I got stock in system boot. Hello Jamshaid, Great tutorial, however do you have a fix to get applestore working on virtualbox. Same issue with shell, can get past it. Following issue are coming.. UFEI Interactive shell v2. Ok, many thanks for the comments. So close! Is there something else I need to do? I already have one and just want to log into iMessage. I tried this and solved several problems already but it seems like i am stuck here.

I checked all over the web for solutions but cannot find any, please help. Hi thank you so much it works on my machine. Only one glitch, Finder keeps flashing on and off in the top menu. I cannot open Finder. I would very much appreciate a reply and thank you again for your wonderful work. For me, that solved the issue. Thanks Philip. I do want to confirm. The version from Media Fire works fine for me also. I make it. First i used the MediaFire Image. And, in others tutorials, there some incompatibility with audio, so disable audio on virtual box machine configurations.

Philip, you are right! I also tried with mediafire link and it is working fine! Hi, mediafire link worked, but now when I try to install xcode it says I need to have macOS mojave So what version is this then? Same for me, it seems this is I found another image from techsviewer that is I have Xcode Installed now. May I know where you find the I can only find the Can you share the link here? Thanks a lot! VirtualBox is the same on those platforms, right? After following the instructions exactly and even deleting the virtual machine and starting over to make sure Mine is stuck in a constant reboot -It gets to a point where it says Early boot complete.

Continuing system boot. AND can you help me please? I upgraded to VirtualBox 6. However the mouse is very jittery now.

Should I go back to 6. Thanks bro it worked very well for me using mediafire downloads couse it is too slow on google drive! Thanks for this, it is very helpfull, but i try to download from google drive the lastest version, and said that the limit qouta rich and cant download please, could you help with that? Hey, i did everuthng u said in the video but im stuck at the shell startup. The OS shows no audio devices. Any suggestions? Hi , Those who are stuck at shell cmd, try to use Media Fire copy, bcz i am also stuck and shell cmd windows, after again i download from Media Fire, and follow above steps, working fine.

Dear Jamshaid, awesome work. Installed yesterday High Sierra and found today your Mojave Tutorial. Again thanks for sharing absolute great work. Completely shut down virtualbox before doing all of the vboxmanage commands. Works well as followed instructions.. Hi,i have two issues 1. Have no sound or the network is so slow: when i play network music,the process bar is not moving,and there are no sound,pls fix this or tell us how to solve this ,its great job,thx anyway, waiting for ur reply.

It works perfectly guys… Use the Youtube tutorial for better understanding. Well done Raza! I suggest you installing a new virtual box and the extenstion. Then follow the tutorial again. Only issue that I am struggling with is no sound. Hello amigo. Otherwise you will have to find it yourself. Very good, very helpful. It works perfectly. Thank you. I already had many others, but trouble with Macs.

Your instructions made it work first time. If you're looking for the latest VirtualBox 5.

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Please also use version 5. Version 5. VirtualBox 6. You might want to compare the checksums to verify the integrity of downloaded packages. SHA checksums , MD5 checksums. Note: After upgrading VirtualBox it is recommended to upgrade the guest additions as well. See this chapter from the User Manual for an introduction to this Extension Pack. Please install the same version extension pack as your installed version of VirtualBox. If, however, you would like to take a look at it without having to install the whole thing, you also access it here:.

You may also like to take a look at our frequently asked questions list. The binaries in this section for VirtualBox before version 4. As of VirtualBox 4. By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the respective license.