Download latest java for mac 10.8.2

I downloaded and installed the current JRE from java.

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However Id prefer not to bother with Java 6 any longer as Oracle will cease public support for Java 6 within the next weeks and Apple will probably follow this. Plus, there is no simple solution for removing Java 6 cleanly once it is installed on a Mac. Launching Cyberduck it seems to use the routines from Apple to check for a Java version installed. Consequently it misses the already installed Java 7 SE JRE as well and asks the user to install Java 6 which seems to be a bad advice meanwhile.

Duplicate for I recently updated to ML and tried to download Java using both methods you describe. The update could not be expanded, and may have been corrupted during downloading. The update will be downloaded and checked again the next time that Software Update runs. Any thoughts? Does this mean I do have java?

Downloading 1. Apparently nobody knows why just yet — 1. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations for good resources on this topic? If you have the oracle java jdk installed, mt lion it will still be available after an update from lion.

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Double clicking on the X11 app will point you at an Apple knowledgebase article which will in turn point you to the XQuartz website to download X11 for the Mac. So, wait for OS X I actually triggered the installation by clicking the Java Preferences in the Other Launchpad folder.

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Robbertvdd says:. December 6, at pm. Moose says:. December 12, at am. Mel says:. September 12, at pm. Chris Denesha Chris Denesha 91 3 3 bronze badges. This could definitely be fleshed out a bit more with detail. Nothing from Oracle will reinstall Apple's outdated Java Preferences; there's no such prompt. Here is an Apple technical bulletin link on how to re-enable the plugin If you need the full Java runtime you may download it directly from Oracle by going this webpage. Mort Mort 4 4 gold badges 9 9 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges.

The closing line of this answer has the potential to mislead but I refrain from voting, because Oracle is misleading. See the hint in an answer to Why does the version of Java verified by Oracle differ from the version shown at the command line? I suppose in a broad sense you are correct.

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However, I am just providing the page itself via a link which has links to multiple iterations of Java in it's various forms i. I leave it to the user to choose which one they require. If you want to reinstall it: The Yet another barrier for JAVA broken down. Thanks, it restored the Java Preferences panel.

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However if I try to change the order, close and reopen the panel the order is taken back to the original one. The redistribution breaks Apple's Software Licence Agreement for the operating system. The outdated app was never designed to work with the current approaches to Java, some of which are beyond Apple's control.

Using Java Preferences to set a preference may be risky. I needed JDK 1. I did not have Java Preferences.

Install Java in OS X Mountain Lion

So I installed it with the link provided by frafra. Jawa 2, 5 5 gold badges 16 16 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Miguel Reyes Miguel Reyes 2 2 bronze badges. Link of frafra seems down!