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Normally, the plugins should be installed after installing the apps that can use them, so at the least Photoshop CC should have been installed before installing the Nik collection. That folder's contents should look like this:. Presumably, this will tell you if somehow something to do with the installed version of PS is causing the problem. No file from Google was on the drive Preferences included. That is the Rest after cleaning Google Nik Collection files from the drive. Is there any File that must be deleted? You do not need to use FileBuddy or anything else other than the Nik Uninstaller to remove the files that would have any effect on running the Nik installer again after running the Nik Uninstaller.

The files in your last list have nothing at all to do with Nik or plugins of any sort.

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You are making this much more difficult to troubleshoot than is necessary. You don't have right. After using the deinstaller - Google update, Keystone and other Files are on the computer. Same vor Launch deamons and Launch agents from Google. The Uninstaller works not for a clean Drive without Google files.

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A custom folder is only necessary when the user doesn't have Photoshop or other host excluding Aperture which uses a different file format for the plug-ins installed on their system. The uninstaller is always placed in the Nik Collection folder along with the stand alone versions inside the Applications folder no matter where you decide to install the plug-ins files. Make sure you don't have a previous downloaded installer file with the same name in your downloads folder just to ensure you are running the file you have just downloaded i'm not sure if they changed its name when provided the plug-ins for free.

Left Image is the File I downloaded by google after being a license. This file was never installed after the Clean install of my Mac. The Image has the exactly thew same Size as mine. The -2 shows, that a file with the same Name existed in the Download folder. That is because none of these other items have anything to do with the Nik collection. Please don't take me wrong. It wasn't intended to offend you. Sorry if it sounded that way. Also, ich arbeite seit nunmehr 23 Jahren mit Macs. Mit Computern habe ich seit zu tun.

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Etwas auf den File Buddy zu schieben, nur weil er nicht als So wird das System nicht korrumpiert. Was soll also dieser Post. Ich weiss wann ich ein Programm nutzen kann und wann nicht. Gerade durch Ihre Kommentare. That isn't entirely true, at least on my Macs. Also, while it should not normally make any difference, in each plugin install location each of the plugins is installed along with a duplicate but independent companion ". Using the custom folder for Affinity instead of 'sharing' with the PS one should allow the Affinity compatible plugins to run using these unmodified config files even if for some reason the config files in the PS folder are modified or damaged.

That's not what i said. I was referring to just the plug-in files in that sentence: the folder you choose when you click the plus button in the Compatible Host screen. The stand alone versions are never installed inside the Photoshop Plug-ins folder or any other custom folder unless you change the default destination path which comes later in the installation. Please read the whole post:. Config Files.

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Ich habe den Uninstaller aus dem Nil Collection Ordner genutzt. Affinity hat Probleme beim erfassen der Freischaltung. Die Rechte kann man ja Dank Apple nicht mehr reparieren.

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Aber genau so ein Problem liegt hier wohl vor. Wie also weiter? Bitte nicht alles von Vorn herbeten, das bringt nichts. Ich bin kein Laie und auch kein Amateur, werde aber so behandelt. In a previous post you asked, "Is there any File that must be deleted?

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Es wird Zeit mal etwas besseres zu bieten als dies. Ich wollte weg von Photoshop - nun muss ich einsehen, dass das nicht geht. Letzterer ist hier leider nicht in der Lage zu helfen. Nicht, weil das Programm schlecht ist, sondern weil man Probleme nicht erkennen will und keine sinnvolle Strategie zur Suche und Beseitigung von Problemen zu haben scheint.

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I know that. Yet another potential benefit of doing this is if at some time in the future some of us decide to uninstall the PS or in my case the PSE app completely from our systems, it won't matter if the PS plug-ins folder is deleted along with the rest of the PS baggage.

It is just a personal choice, but in general wherever possible I try to avoid different apps sharing any of the same support folders, particularly if they come from different developers. The downside of that is of course more file space will be used but I have lots of unused file space available so for me that is not a concern. For others it might be. The same seems to be true for most other AP users.

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Things I kn ow today is. Help can't find here. Only deinstall and install is no help. The Plugins work as Stand Alone and with Photoshop. The Color Efex known as useable brings only the buy or Demo mode. I want to leave Adobe and Photoshop bau the reality is, that Affinity Photo in the actual version is no replacement for Photoshop.

PHPStorm for Mac OS is configured to work with a case-insensitive file-system and will report a warning that it detected a case-sensitive file-system. Unfortunately there is no way to configure PHPStorm on a per-project level but we can let PHPStorm know that all our projects will be stored on a case-sensitive file system. If you want to know more about this you can find documentation here.

All Files. You are here:. There are a number of options on how to change case sensitivity: Re-partition the entire hard drive with case-sensitivity turned on Create a new partition and re-format only this new partition with the case-sensitive file-system Create a disk image, format that image with the case-sensitive file-system, and mount this disk image Options 1 and 2 will require tampering with an existing hard drive that contains your operating system. This name will we shown in Finder once the image is mounted.

I like to have matching names for the mountpoint and disk image name so Finder will display it nicely. For my local setup I use workspace as the image's name and mount-point Enter a decent value for the size so the image can accommodate all your projects e. Copying Existing Projects You can copy all existing projects to the newly created box. Automatically Mounting Disk Image at Boot You don't want to manually mount the disk image every time you restart your system. Create a new file for the definition of the Launch Agent under e.

Configuring PHP Storm The first time you open one of the projects form the disk-image you will notice a warning about case-sensitive file-systems.