Mac 11 380 full auto

If you build a weapon that is lightweight and easy to carry you cannot very well expect it to stop a target wearing body armor at 1, meters.

Transferable Machine Guns

Lest we become too enamored with today's whiz-bang PDW offerings, however, let us appreciate that the concept is hardly new. Designed to be light and handy while firing an intermediate-sized round, the fully automatic M2 version actually comes closer to meeting the criteria of an assault rifle than a PDW. While no doubt a great improvement over the M1 Garand as regards portability for second echelon troops like truck drivers and artillerymen, the carbine is still three feet long and is a bit of a nuisance to maneuver within a vehicle.

Realizing that a handgun of any flavor, much less a big bore cannon like the M WerBell in particular traveled to Southeast Asia to demonstrate his weapons to military officers in a combat theater, stirring considerable interest and notoriety but few paying contracts. Given that the targets of the day did not typically wear body armor, a case could be made that they were following a doctrinally sound path.

To quote from the original Military Armament Corporation promotional sales literature for the. It falls loosely in the category of submachine guns Offering a sustained rate of selective semiauto or full automatic fire, the M11 successfully bridges the gap between less efficient pistols or revolvers and the limited applications of more cumbersome machine guns and submachine guns of an earlier bygone era The vehicle driver, rear area technician, armor crewman, aviator, and crew-served weapons gunner all must have available to them a light, easily-carried automatic weapon which can produce a heavy volume of fire effective at a reasonable range.

Perhaps this PDW concept is not quite so cutting edge as we might have believed. The stubby little MAC series submachine guns were indeed handy.

Popular Brands

By the manufacturing standards of the day they were amazing. Constructed of sheet steel pressings with a minimum of machining reserved for the bolt, barrel, and fire control system, the little buzzguns could be churned out en masse for a song. Offered in 9mm,. The full sized MAC in 9mm or.


It is, however, at six pounds four ounces unloaded still uncomfortably heavy. This is, incidentally, the same weight as an unloaded, full-sized M16A1. The accelerated rate of fire necessitated by such a short bolt travel in such a tiny package makes control a challenge and effectively negates whatever training benefit a military organization might obtain over a conventional handgun. The under-appreciated MAC in.

Originally designed to use 9mm and. Few working parts makes it easy to strip and reassemble. Those who are looking to sell a WW2 gun are guaranteed an equitable price.

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Sub Guns. Rifle Caliber. Learn More. Sale Pending. Colt M16A1 in Excellent Condition.

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