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Flag as inappropriate Fast and beautiful! The Apple USB superdrive is a waste of money. My MacPro does not even recognize the drive. Do not buy. Flag as inappropriate Terrible Apple product. Just bought the superdrive, and simply does not work, it keeps doing noise, trying to read and does not do anything at all. Now what do I do with this junk? Flag as inappropriate Not working. I was used to having one in my old Mac. Realized very quickly that I really did not need it. Drive lived quietly in its box, came out maybe times. Pulled it out of the box last week to read a medical CD.

The Mac does not see it. When you plug it in, there is a very short interrupted hiccup and nothing. It will not take a CD. Useless paperweight. Anyone who thinks they are getting regular Apple quality along with the not insignificant cost should revise their judgement and buy something generic that might actually work at a third of the price. I wish I could give this a no star rating. Flag as inappropriate Prime example of NOT getting what you paid for.

I will admit that I was a little skeptical when I read the reviews on this product. Since first plugging it in it has worked perfectly. I have tried all functions with no problems at all. I especially like that fact that when you eject a disc it is ejected out enough that you never have to put our fingers on the the surface of the disc to get ahold of it and pull it completely out. It is easily transportable and certainly does't take up much space.

Very happy with my purchase. Flag as inappropriate Works Perfectly. I have multiple Apple devices that I love dearly, but this external drive is unworthy of the Apple name. There are no external controls, such as an eject button. My DVDs get stuck in this thing and it can literally take hours of pressing eject on the DVD software controls and hoping that it will eventually come out. I've tested them in other machines to rule out disk issues, and the problem is definitely not my disks!

One of these units died after only 16 months so I foolishly bought another and it's just as bad. Apple, you should be ashamed of yourself for putting your name on this. I absolutely will not buy any more of these pieces of garbage! Flag as inappropriate Cheap piece of junk.

I can see most of the reviews here are coming from people not familiar with tech. I'll make this short and sweet. I haven't purchased this drive but I am leaning more likely towards getting this drive. The reason why the drive has no eject button is most likely because if you look on the Mac desktop you will see an icon for the drive. If you right-click with the Magic Mouse you will then see a contextual menu appear. Now here's where it gets complicated. You can also open the icon of the hard-drive icon that says, "Macintosh HD" and you will also see off to the left listed in the window pane a list of folders and various other icons, including the Macintosh Icon and the name of any other portable devices you have attached.

Bottom line. If you don't know enough about the tech you are using, then it is no one else's fault but your own. If you bought Apple products just because you want to come off looking "trendy" and you want to seem awesome for throwing a lot of money away, then you bought them for the wrong reason. All you did was come off looking like a stupid tool. That fact was only reinforced by your stupid reviews where you whined and cried like a child where you all but admitted you didn't know how to use your Mac. I know how to use Macs and have since I was fourteen.

I know how to use Windows based pcs and have for years. I have been using tech since I was seven years old.

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I know how to custom build computers better and far less than what Best Buy gouges the sheeple for and make them work. I take that back. After reading these crybaby complaints. If I could post a picture, then I'd post of myself using this drive with a smile on my face. Learn2tech people. Flag as inappropriate Not a tech dummy. I have purchased this with my new Macbook Pro. The drive is terrible. I have talked to apple help twice and spent 2. I don't usually complain or write a bad review but this is outrageous.


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Flag as inappropriate Unbelievably bad. Used a lot of these drives over the years. They're no less reliable than any other slot loader, in my experience. I have had issues in the past when drives would need to be periodically disconnected and reconnected to a different USB port, but that hasn't happened in years now. I've dropped one a few times and never had any problems from it. They can burn out after a couple of years, they are, after all, mechanical devices and moving parts wear out, but I feel they've been more durable than other drives I've owned.

Don't really kniow what all the hate is about in the other reviews. Knee-jerk reactions I guess. Flag as inappropriate Realistic expectations. I also now have to figure out a way to get the disk out of the reader. The disk has photos that are not on any other device. So I'm going to have to break it open somehow and I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and that can end up hurting my hands and wrists. I really wish I didn't have to resort to bad-mouthing the product and all here.

But the warranty was no help and this is clearly a manufacturing defect. I think Apple is making enough profit to do better This is a clear failure in customer service. Just look at all the bad reviews of this product.

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