Best way to apply mac primer

You can also apply this primer under the eyes and when I do the lines disappear.

It also a very silky feeling when applying. Would highly recommend this product. Now I can't live without it. I recently bought this product.

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I use it before applying my foundation and blush and my skin looks terrific. I am in my late 40's and it makes me feel like my skin looks flawless. I can't imagine applying makeup without it. Excellent product, have tried several more expensive primers and this is the best I have come across, it glides easily over skin regardless of the type or brand of moisturiser used and foundation lasts much longer, for several hours. I love this primer! It's so different to the pore refining primers that I have tried because it leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and smooth.

It also helps to make your foundation last for hours. I don't know how I ever survived without this primer!

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Makes my skin look and FEEL beautiful! Keeps makeup staying on face rather than running down it by the end of the day. Great discovery! Have been using for a long time, and very happy with product and make-up stays on as long as needed.

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MY BAG 0 0. Toggle navigation. Shop All. Vegan Gifts MCoBeauty. It creates a second skin for your foundation to adhere to, holding for up to 10 hours. Ensures longer-lasting makeup adherence. Smooths fine lines and minimises pores.

3 Step Guide To Apply Makeup Primer Correctly

Oil-free, moisturising formula. Contains Vitamin C and E.

Suitable for all skin types. Net wt. Customers Also Bought. Best primer! Like the more expensive primers! Best Primer ever. The best! Ab FAB! Follow Us. But when I read about M.


Users on Reddit also praised the product for its non-drying texture and clear color, although one claimed that "it didn't do anything more than chapstick. Eager to find out whether lip primer really makes a difference, I spent a day wearing drugstore lip balm under my lipstick, and another day wearing the M. On both days, I took photos to see which base would make my lipstick stay on the longest, and make it look the best.

I use this Eos Sphere Lip Balm every day. While the balm kept my lips hydrated the lip stain can be quite drying , you can see the natural lines on my lips through the lipstick. This is how my lipstick usually looks.

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My coffee took away some of my lip color. After lunch at 2 p. My lips started to feel a little dry. You can tell at the edges that my lip stain is starting to wear. By the end of my work day at around 6 p. Though the color faded, it was still visible. The M. My lips felt as hydrated as they did with the lip balm the primer contains vitamin E. My lip stain glided on evenly, and the application felt smoother than it did with just lip balm underneath. Here's what my lipstick looked like at 9 a. The primer made my lipstick look bolder. I noticed that the lines on my lips weren't as visible, and that the color looked a little more dramatic than it did with a lip balm base.

Post-lunch, at 2. Though my lips felt softer , I thought they maybe looked better at the same time the day before when I wore lip balm. Just over halfway through the workday, my lipstick had faded. It seemed like lip balm was winning the appearance test — but, at 6 p. Granted, the lip stain didn't look as great as it did in the morning, but it was an improvement from the day before. Don't mind the spot on my chin, that decided to develop throughout the day. When I wore just lip balm as a base, most of the color appeared to have slid off by the end of my work day — especially in the center of my lips — but the color stayed on in a more noticeable way with the primer.