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Are you a fanatic when it comes to The Sims? Do you find being able to control digital people—making them cook, clean, exercise, watch TV, find a job, pay bills, form a family, and have social interactions—incredibly addicting? Even without goals beyond the basics of day-to-day living?

15 Games Like Second Life for Mac OS – Games Like

Congratulations, you just might be a Sims mega fan. There are quite a few versions of The Sims to keep you busy, but if you've already powered through them, maybe it's time to try out some new games. Whether you're biding your time until the next release or just want to try something new, these 10 games can help you scratch that itch for life-simulation gameplay. Nintendo's long-running community simulation franchise Animal Crossing is about to get a new installment.

An unnamed title is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch in , but you don't have to wait that long in order to get in on the fun. The free mobile app Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released in , and is a great way to acclimate yourself to the franchise while you wait.

17 Best Games Like Second Life That Are Worth Playing!

In this game, you interact with other players at campsites, perform tasks, make trades, and decorate your living space. Virtual Families is designed to be similar to, but simpler than, The Sims. Players "adopt" an adult with pre-assigned characteristics, put them in a house, and help them develop full virtual lives, from careers to families. While not as time-consuming as The Sims, the inhabitants of Virtual Families still require babysitting so they don't run out of food or fall ill, both of which have dire consequences. You can renovate your house, adopt a pet, and purchase new items for the home.

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You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. View As: One Page Slides. In this game, you build your own avatar from scratch, dress them in the style you want, and even design a home for them to live in. You can also meet and chat with other players from around the world as you build an online community of friends. Furnish apartments however you choose and decide what kind of businesses should move in.

Second Life

A Bit About the Game Developed by San Francisco-based Linden Labs , Second Life was designed not as a game, but as an entire virtual universe aimed at modeling the real world in a virtual scenario. Second Life has achieved a cult status. It has led to the national governments opening virtual embassies as also the in-game business success stories are being featured in magazines like Business Week. It is also being referenced in contemporary movies and TV series. Residents of this virtual world don the roles of " avatars ", ranging from human to inanimate objects. Players, like their online avatars, can interact with others using IM or voice, travel within the world, build relationships, exchange virtual currency, and participate in community activities.

However, for red-blooded gamers, one alternate universe is just not enough, and that's why, we present an exclusive list of MMORPGs similar to Second Life. Developer ActiveWorlds, Inc. In this game, players are given immense power; they are allowed to own an entire universe or individual worlds, explore them, and construct objects there.

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IMVU is a virtual universe to meet people online. Each planet possesses its own concept and content. If not for anything else but at least to escape from daily stress, an alternate reality is always appealing. However, one should be mature enough to separate one's actual life from its virtual representation, so as to not get carried away and lose track of reality.

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