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Whether you're looking for a tool to help create a soundtrack for your home movies or something to help you convert your old record and cassette collection into MP3 format while removing background static, there's a free audio editor out there for you. Available for any desktop platform you care to mention, Audacity is our first choice free audio editor.

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It has a huge following, and it's one that is entirely justified. It's a powerful tool that would put some paid-for product to shame, and although the interface might initially seem slightly intimidating, it's actually surprisingly approachable even for beginners. Audacity is equipped with an extensive suite of built-in tools, enabling you to edit pre-recorded files, capture sound through an attached microphone, or even stream music and podcasts.

Professional Quality Music Editors for Mac

There's support for a wide range of audio formats for both importing and exporting, and the range of built-in effect is impressive. Its sheer power and incredible set of features make Audacity the best free audio editor you can download today. While not bursting with features, it's a great tool for everyday audio editing. Real-time effect previewing should help to speed up your work as there's no need to apply a change just to try it out, and a highly precise selection tool makes it easy to apply the same effect to multiple sections of a file. You can use Ocenaudio to work with locally stored files, or even open those hosted online.

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The audio editor's somewhat sparse interface quickly becomes a joy to use, and if you spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the keyboard shortcuts, you should fly through common tasks in no time. Ocenaudio offers good range of effects, with more available as plugins, and there's even the option of exporting your creations as a ringtone for your iPhone. There are several programs named Free Audio Editor , which is understandable developers want their software to rank well on Google, after all , but not particularly helpful for users. Click Trim and the other bits of the file will be removed.

Quicktime can also combine multiple video files. Start by opening the first file in QuickTime.

Editing my music files info on a Mac w/o itunes |

Next, drag-and-drop another file onto the QuickTime window. You can drag-and-drop each clip here to rearrange their order. This also works with audio files.

Drag-and-drop an audio file onto the QuickTime window and it will appear on a bar below the video files. This will overlay the audio over the video file, and it will play at the same time as the video. You could use this to add background music to a video, for example. You can continue doing this to create multiple, smaller clips. You can then drag the clips around to rearrange them, just as you can when merging multiple separate files together.

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The record features are available under the File menu. LoKey PM - 20 November, Let me give yall a breakdown of my process: When I download songs, they all go into a folder on my desktop called 'temp. I like uniformity in my files which is why I'm so concerned with this issue. Then I highlight all the files in the temp folder and drag them all into my external HD into the main 'My Music' folder which is where all my MP3's live. From there I open up SSL and drag each file into the corresponding crate. This is my method, I can't think of anything simpler than that and I don't have to use itunes or anything else that gets in the way.

LoKey PM - 20 November, Konix, I'm talking about right-clicking on the file, clicking on properties, clicking the summary tab and editing all the info. On a PC. And on the album art Last night took a file from the folder I created to store music. In that folder you can see the album art very small next to the file. I dragged the file into itunes, clicked on 'get info,' edited all the file info, went to images and deleted the album art.

I closed 'get info' and reopened it to make sure the album art was gone and it was. I thought I was good. Then I opened the music folder again and the album art was still there! Then I dragged the file back into itunes, opened up 'get info' and sure enough, the album art was back, big and colorful laughing right in my face.

Thats what frustrated me the most.

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I like my files looking like this artist - title. When I rip a file in iTunes, the Mac does it the way that it wants.

Editing my music files info on a Mac w/o itunes

I don't know how to make it the way that I like it. I'm trying to get used to the Mac. Every Mac owner says that they are so great. The help at the Apple store is terrible.