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And if that song has embedded artwork — say you exported it from GarageBand with custom album art, then that will also be included.

Transfer photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

From there, you can listen to the song, add it to a playlist, and anything else. You can even tell Vox not to show any of your Apple Music library, so you can use it only as a player for your self-added music, and SoundCloud etc. Like I said, maybe iOS 13 will add this ability to the built-in Music app. Today in Apple history: iMac G3 arrives to save Apple.

Healthy recipes prove easy with this meal-planning app [Deals]. Apple Card is as friendly as a credit card can be [Review]. But syncing your iPhone with iTunes is not always the most practical solution. One of the biggest drawbacks to using iTunes is the lack of support for different video and audio file formats, not to mention that you can only sync your iPhone with one iTunes library at a time.

If your iPhone was previously synced with another iTunes library, syncing songs from your Mac computer with iPhone could wipe out all of existing tracks on the device.

An Easier Way to Back Up Your iPhone without iTunes

Like most users, I'd rather just add music to my iPhone from Mac without worrying about erasing the existing tunes on the device, as well as import non-iTunes music files, FLAC, for example, to my iPhone directly without having to convert them. Well, that's where iTransfer comes into play. Aside from get any type of unprotected music onto your iPhone from a Mac or PC's, it's capable of transferring videos, photos, contacts, messages amongst iOS device, Android device, iTunes and computers.

And it includes a built-in toolkit to help you 1-click to rebuild your iTunes library, root your Android phones and make. The tool serves more of a purpose than that. It even gives you ability to manage tracks on your device.

iCloud Photos

The program should detect your device automatically and display a big iPhone icon on the main area of the Home interface, as the screenshot given below. There are four shortcuts available on the interface to help you accomplish the commonly needed tasks quickly. For example, if you would like to transfer music from iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy phone and vice versa, you can use the " Phone to Phone Transfer " shortcut. Step 2: Click the "Add" button on the program to put songs from Mac onto iPhone.

Transfer music from a computer to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

CopyTrans Manager, works perfectly. Ensure to load klite before trying to play video. Should already have it installed but you know.

Fastest Way to Transfer IPhone Data to PC or MAC Without iTunes

Works great so far. I have an iphone 3GS. I have no idea how to get songs onto my iphone and I refuse to use itunes. What program can I use? Please help. After transfering about a hundred files, it will only add one file at a time, but is still free. Also you can try "iPhonebrowser" Good luck. Songbird isn't much good because it doesn't do album art.

Thumbs up for Sharepod though, it's great!

I have seen it's like a mini computer really, itunes slows my computer down to a crawl and software unlocked iphones can cause your phone to brick if you dont know what you are doing LOL Pretty useless info, me being a Linux user. Just a repeat from other articles. Did you just copy and paste this info? I use CopyTrans Manager with my iPhone. I think the interface and the usability are much better as Sharepod.

I will try MediaMonkey and Winamp in a couple of day, but I think they are not a very good solution for people who want to use a light iPod manager. Better than gtkPod in my opinion because it's coupled with an app that useful for something besides syncing the ipod. This article does suck.

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He mentioned Amarok, and said that only the old version can sync to iphone and not the new one. Odd that you preface the article with a moan about there being little in the way of offerings for Linux users, and so of the 6 solutions proposed, 1 is specifically for Linux and is afforded less real estate than any of the others, 1 is for any platform but requires jailbreaking, and all 4 of the remaining ones are for Windows?

This article should be replaced with an instruction to run a search on Google: it'd be more informative and balanced. Of course, you could always buy an mp3 player from a company that isn't obsessed with stifling creativity and consumer rights with soul-sucking DRM and built-in platform dependence.

Customize your music library

My Android phone works with every computer I plug it into, so long as it supports plugging a thumb drive in. This article is misleading and full of teh suckness. It starts out by talking about linux users who can't sync, but then talks about 4 windows only apps 2 of which don't work , 1 any platform as long as its an iphone , and 1 linux app but you have to be "geeky and advantageous enough".

There are some problems that arise from time to time as Apple introduces new models, but these are normally fixed quite rapidly:. Winamp work with iPhone provided you install the ml-ipod plugin. There is always a virtual iPhone like Interactive iPhone. Rob Nightingale. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Try downloading MusConv app it's the best.

In-Depth Tutorial

WALTR is crap. Routinely misses songs out when syncing albums, i wouldn't recommend it. I agree, it definitely should be in the list! Thank for this wonderful toturial It doesn't work Apple set up encryption on the touch to stop it. Iphone explorer will let you move files back and forth.

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