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Mountain Leopard Theme

Click on a specific collection—similar to an iPhoto album; a collection called Float is included—to view just the icons in that collection. If a collection includes Dock elements, it displays a DOCK label next to its name and includes a preview of Dock elements along with its icons.

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One of my favorite icon-viewing features is Quick Look support; select an icon and press the space bar to see all sizes of that icon. Alternatively, as in iPhoto, you can drag the zoom slider at the bottom of the window to resize the icon previews. You can drag the divider between the Change and View panes to resize them relative to one another.

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A nice touch that makes it easier to browse elements and icons: clicking on the Change or Organize tab on the left collapses both it and the larger Change or View pane, respectively; this allows the other pane View or Change, respectively to take over the entire right—hand side of the window. If you change your mind, just drag the replacement icon off of the original. CandyBar makes it even easier to apply an entire collection at once—in other words, to change all system icons simultaneously.

You just select the desired collection of icons on the left and then click on the Use These Icons button in the View pane. First, in the View pane you select an icon from your library; the Quick Drop area at the bottom-left of the CandyBar window will display a large preview of the icon.

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Note that if you previously created an alias to an item, and then you give the item a new icon—using any of the above procedures—the alias will keep its original icon. This is a result of how alias icons are created by OS X. The "solution" is to just delete the alias and create a new alias from the newly-rebranded file or folder. Click on the Dock item in the Change tab to view the various Dock elements you can modify: the background, the bottom edge, the separator, and the active-application indicator; CandyBar displays the dimensions of each element so you can create your own replacement image.

Just drag a replacement image in PNG format onto the respective original. An easier way to remake your Dock is if a collection includes a Dock theme.

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  8. This is useful if you ever want to revert to the stock appearance of icons or the Dock: just select the appropriate category in the Change tab and click on the Restore Icons or Restore Dock button in the Change pane. Fortunately, CandyBar provides a number of ways to get those items into your library. Dropping items onto My Icons adds them to your library; dropping them into an existing collection adds them to your library and that collection; dropping them into an empty part of the Organize tab creates a new collection with those items.

    CandyBar also lets you export icons in a variety of formats. LeopardDocks has a application that works with Leopard that lets you change docks. Super simple! New Dock is a collection of top-of-the line Docks. Designed by Max Rudberg, these docks will complement any setup you have. Worth a look! You'll get the dock, a few icons, and a login screen that will appear to be like Mountain Lions.

    This program was incredibly hard to find, and after an hour of looking we found it and now hold an archive of it! It's a simple drag and drop program to easily change your Leopard dock. Make sure your dock is 75x pixels and save it as "scurve-m.

    Released: Tiger Sierra Theme

    Its almost worth putting Compatible with Rhapsodized is a theme created by, once again, Max Rudburg. A mouthful indeed. Aluminum Alloy is an odd theme. The color scheme is grey and orange, and would most likely be used as school spirit colors. It's made by Max Rudberg, themer. It can change the look of windows, menus, apps, buttons and more. Jaguar Magnifique 2. Candybar 1. Ironically, it has a fresh and modern interface that doesn't feel fresh from the s.

    macOS Sierra Theme For Mac OS X Tiger PowerPC

    Since CandyBar is free, Panic! Download: Jaguar - 1. Check out some cool wallpapers that will make your PPC mac look even cooler!

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