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Hacker-style GTA in the streets of Chicago

More info on our privacy. Watch Dogs 2. How can we help? Select Platform Loading Smart TV. No FAQs exist on your locale for this search criteria, here are some from another one. Crash On Watch Dogs 2 My game crashes. What can I do to prevent that? Cropped Screen Part of my screen seems to be cropped.

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Watch_Dogs® 2

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This is amazing, especially after a week of shit anti PC threads based on opinion. Note that none of these pics are mine. Damn the PS4 for holding back gaming.

PC gamers not buying enough games is what holds back PC games. If it's broken, they fix it. PC is lead platform for Far Cry 4. Its done on purpose to make it seem like consoles are at the same lvl in power.

Watch Dogs - Game Demo Video [UK]

I thought PS4 had better graphics than PC? Master race ftw.

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Its Ubisofts terrible optimizations and last gen consoles being in the picture still ,. By the time I get the game on PC the mods should be even better.

Looks better than Infamous. Always better on pc. I think Aiden needs glasses, everything at a distance is blurry for him.

  • The Watch Dogs sequel in a new city and with a new protagonist.
  • Watch_Dogs® 2 Game | PS4 - PlayStation;
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  • prohibitory symbol on startup mac.
  • Watch Dogs for PC Looks Like E3 Footage Now!?

Here comes the consolite jelly. Behold, screenshots of the game with the mod. All those pics make the game look better but not quite like the E3 trailer.

Watch Dogs®2

Gue1 said:. Gue1 said: if it only takes a few tweaks then why would Ubisoft release the game like it was? GameSpot Forums System Wars results 1 2 3 4 Bring back the main forum list.