Root galaxy s3 at&t 4.1.1 mac

If you do, you are good to go. Step 9.

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This video was brought to you by AndroidRoot. Click Here to See at AndroidRoot. First, you will obviously need an LCD Screen Digitizer, which comes with everything you need to get the phone working again. You can get Blue Galaxy S3 Digitizer here. You can get White Galaxy S3 Digitizer here. Then using a 00 screwdriver , take all the visible screws out from the back.

Undue any connectors from the main board and unscrew the black screw which holds the motherboard to your phone. You can use a heat gun to heat the screen or I used a hair dryer and slowly work your way to take the gorilla glass out. Once the gorilla glass is out you will next need to take the LCD digitizer out.

Use your heat gun again to heat and slowly pull it out. Once the LCD digitizer is out, make it clean by pulling out any sticky stuff. You should be all ready to put the new screen digitizer on. Do a dry fit test before. Pull the adhesive from the new screen digitizer and slowly put it on. This is something I realized during my experience.

Before you go any further, you can insert the battery and power your Galaxy S3 and check to see everything is working. Anyone with even slight knowledge of computer should be able to do this easily. This guide is noob-proof and my suggestion is to follow the video and the guide one step at a time. When your phone resets screen goes off , let go of the Power button but keep holding down the other buttons. You should see a yellow-highlighted box with a number.

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Once your phone resets screen goes off , let go of the Power button but keep holding down others. Turn off your Verizon Galaxy S3. You should see a yellow-highlighted box with a random number.

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You should now see it. It should take about minutes. No, this will not erase any apps or settings on your phone and does not affect your phone in any way other than install ClockworkMod Recovery and give you root. If you have an international Galaxy S3 non U. This guide is for Windows, for Mac and Linux, please see this root method here. Copy SuperUser. We will use this file later on so note where you copied this file to on your phone. If you have custom recovery on any Android device, flash this in custom recovery to give your Android device root. When your Galaxy S3 reboots, the screen will turn off, keep holding down Volume Down and Center Home buttons while letting go of the Power button.

Double-click on Odin3 v1.

Part 2. Root Android Devices without Computer

You should see a yellow highlighted box with a COM and random number. We are only installing Samsung Kies which will automatically install drivers for your Galaxy S3. After installing Samsung Kies, simply unplug and plug your phone back to your computer, you should see the yellow highlighted box now. Take the battery out of your Galaxy S3.

This is because newer stock software updates overwrite your Custom Recovery upon reboot. We can get away from losing our newly-flashed custom recovery ClockworkMod Recovery simply pulling the battery out and booting straight into our new custom recovery. Put the battery back in and immediately hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together.

Keep holding down Volume Up and Center Home buttons while letting go of the Power button after 2 seconds. Same thing from here on. You should now find an app called SuperSU in your app drawer. Pat yourself on the back if you did this in about 5 minutes, the beauty of Samsung Android smartphones. Q: Will this root method work on newer updates? A: Yes, this root method will work regardless of new updates.

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That will make CWM stick. This is due to newer software versions overwriting your stock recovery on reboot. Should work on all Galaxy S3 with Qualcomm dual-core processor! Once the script runs, your phone should boot twice.

How To Root Sprint/T-mobile/AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 4.1.1 & Install CWM - L710/T999/I535 SIII

The second re-boot might take a little while. This process worked perfectly. SuperSu which I had already had installed had everything rooted that was supposed to be. I even double checked by running Game Killer as it says "rooted" or "unable to root" depending on your current root status. Thank you to everyone that put this together and laid out the files so simply.

All procedures went ok, but the device did not root I checked with two software from google play, but it says not rooted Can anyone please help. Will this still work? I tried it and when I go to check if its rooted it says no but superSU is installed. Honai of Android on. Buy me a Coffee. Cellular Verizon. June 5, Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home. JC June 5, at PM. Maroriver June 6, at AM. JC June 6, at AM. JC June 6, at PM. Maroriver June 27, at AM. Kefash White July 4, at PM.

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How to Root U.S./Canadian Dual-Core Galaxy S3 on Mac OSX!

Anonymous July 15, at AM. Tanya Franco July 21, at AM. Yashira Santiago July 22, at AM. Maroriver July 24, at AM. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This method will just install a stock 4. This will NOT unroot your phone! Enter your phone into ClockworkMod Recovery mode.

Power off your phone. Press the volume up, home center button, and power button all at the same time. When the phone vibrates let go of the power but keep holding onto the volume up and home center button until you enter into ClockworkMod Recovery mode.