Mac os x key mapping

The Option key on the Mac does nothing, and there is no way to send a Win- key keystroke. This problem occurs both with the Mac driver and with the X11 driver supplied with the superb Wineskin wrapper software and presumably with other Wine implementations. In order to correct the keyboard mapping in the native Mac driver for Wine, you may either use a patched version of one of the files used by the driver, or build a corrected version of the driver from the Wine source code.

The simplest way to fix the problem is to use a patched version of the file winemac. It is a patched copy of the file as supplied with version 1.

How to Remap Your Mac's Function Keys and Do Anything You Want

And it appears to work correctly under Wine 2. The patch is based on these instructions from Wladimir Palant. Use the OS X Finder to locate the original version of this file on your system it is deep inside the directory structure of a Wineskin wrapper ; make a backup copy of the original, and replace it with the patched version.

How to map keys on the mac with karabiner

These are also the exact layouts we use on our MacBook keyboard stickers. You can buy a MacBook or Apple keyboard with this layout.

How to Identify MacBook Keyboard Layout?

Used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Used in Armenia. This layout is available through Mac OS keyboard settings. You can't buy a Mac with this layout. Used in Azerbaijan. Used in Belgium. It's identical to the French layout on a Mac. Used in Bangladesh and India.

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Used in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's identical to Croatian, Slovene, and Serbian Latin layouts. Used in Myanmar. Used in Croatia and Montenegro.

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It is identical to Bosnian, Slovene and Serbian Latin layouts. Used in Denmark, Greenland and Faroese Islands. It is used in the Netherlands.

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Used in Estonia. Used in Finland. It's identical to the Swedish layout. It's also used in parts of Luxembourg and Switzerland. Used in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and can also be found in Switzerland. An alternative to standard Greek layout, with more language-specific symbols. Used mainly in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Used in Israel. Kudos to Hila M. Used in India. Used in Japan. It has distinct key shapes, with additional keys next to space, and changed placement of Caps Lock, Control, and Fn keys. I'd like to remap the Command key to my left control key, but only for this board, not in the global settings that will really screw me up if I have to use the keyboard on the macbook.

Any suggestions? Is there a 3rd party app that I can use or even some terminal wizardry Thanks in advance. Lets you re-map modifier keys caps, ctrl, alt, and option if you were on a mac board at will, with different settings for each keyboard. The catch here is that you can't remap only the left ctrl key, as you'd like. It'll remap both instances of that key.

Using a Windows PC Keyboard on Mac with Remapped Windows & ALT Keys

Your only real option with the M without some sort of third-party app is to remap caps lock. There is a piece of software that will let you do what you want. I found it here a while back for a friend in a similar situation , but will have to track it down again. It purports to be able to have different mappings for an external keyboard from the internal one. Not sure how useful it is in practice, but it gets some love from folks. Edit: thank god for IM logs.

There's also Ukelele and Spark; Ukelele is something I haven't put much time into but Spark took about half a second to get working. Whether you can remap keys by location or just by function I don't know.

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They're both free anyway. As for selecting, if you use more than one keyboard layout, you can switch between them with Command-space. Thanks everyone. I'll give them all a try and post my findings on which one fits the bill best.