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Ubuntu To be honest, the preparation took much longer than the actual installation. Erasing the disk for a clean installation of Ubuntu Linux. Upon doing that, the DVD began to load and I only had one question to answer: did I want to install Ubuntu as a second operating system on the Mac side by side with Mac OS X , or did I want it to be the only operating system see image above?

I chose to make it the only operating system. With that, the installer took care of asking for a user name and password, then installed the operating system and a group of standard apps. Other apps were somewhat better — the Firefox browser loaded in 3 seconds, LibreOffice Writer the word processing app included in the Ubuntu distribution in about 8 seconds, and once the LibreOffice core had loaded, the Calc spreadsheet and Impress presentation apps loaded in about 3 seconds each.

Once the device never made it past the login screen.


Installation of Ubuntu on Mac Mini

The standard Ubuntu desktop is so Mac-like that any Mac user will be able to navigate his or her way around the operating system and apps with ease. The old MacBook running Ubuntu Linux. That website seems familiar…. Linux Mint As before, the installation was quite simple and Mint was much faster to load than Ubuntu — 73 seconds from power-on to login, and just 15 seconds for the appearance of the desktop.

Wired Ethernet on Mac Mini with ubuntu 16.04 not working

Firing up system settings was instantaneous. For a fast productivity-based Linux installation, Linux Mint is pretty impressive. The distribution comes with the entire LibreOffice suite, and the utilities packed into this distro cover all the bases.

EFI-Booting Ubuntu on a Mac

Multiple attempts to resolve the Wi-Fi issue were unsuccessful; your mileage may vary. Unlike Ubuntu, Linux Mint shut down properly every time and did so very quickly. The Linux Mint desktop looks similar to Windows 7. Antergos Unfortunately, like Linux Mint Antergos did not detect or install the drivers for the Wi-Fi card, and installing the OS onto the hard disk requires an internet connection. Name required. Email required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

The Problem

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On my MB 5. Any help to installing would be great. My old Mac wont recognize usb-stick linux in that booting list? I had same issue with initial install to mint Dunno yet. It works quite well indeed! Before, I had jury rigged Mountain Lion on it, but even that had all major web browsers outdated on it. To remedy that, I found a way of further jury rigging Firefox ESR to it, believe it or not, which stays relatively current. So on to Linux. Mint 19 is incredible compared even to Snappier, much more well put together.

The wifi at install issue was completely gone for me, something that had plagued me a year or two before when I played around on 17 and BTW, if you face that pesky issue, plugging into ethernet after the install, and running for drivers always worked for me to pick up the broadcomm. A couple of great Plank themes, very true to mac Icons, some neats hacks to the top Panel, the official SanFrancisco font which is freely available, and a great mac theme esp for cinnamon by paullinuxthemer.

I prefer to run on GPT which requires using reFind, but installing on a drive wiped as MBR allows you to forego any bootloader finagling. PS word to the wise, Majaro is difficult if not impossible to work on these, for a confluence of sophisticated problems all relating to, you guessed it… bit EFI. I have been a simultanious Linux and mac user for nearly 2 decades now, but my latest experiences with Linux on Mac have been far from joyful. The only distro I found that had exceptable performance was stock Debian.

Both Mint and Ubuntu were tragically unusable. Mint actual version have an excellent drivers software finder that, after first install using Ethernet cable, installs the Wifi driver. Unfortunately all Ubuntu derivatives have the KVM problem which turns the boot a boring slow process. After all tests I decided to go with a Debian derivative, Bunsen Labs. It is based on Arch, a frighting too much technical distro for me. Trying pinging some external sites to verify that your network is working.

Now that our base operating system is installed we need to pull down a list of current versions of available packages and then download and install the packages. Remember this and see if you have a newer kernel version once we are finished with this exercise. To update apt and then packages that need updating do:. This could take some time as a considerable amount of information is going to be downloaded. While this is happening we will go on to the next set of configuration items for your workshop kit which includes configuring your switch and access point. When your machine finishes with the apt-get update and the apt-get dist-upgrade processes you will likely have a new kernel image.

This is one of the few times you need to reboot Linux to see change. To do this do:. To see the version of the Linux kernel that you are running. Is it different from what you had before running "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade"?

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At this point your MacMini is ready and in its initial state. We'll be updating your MacMini environment using a tool called Ansible a bit later. Assuming your network interfaces are properly configured you can now remove the monitor and keyboard attached to your MacMini and connect to it using ssh instead. This will be configured using Ansible in our upcoming exercises. In addition for class exercises and infrastructure your Mac Mini is referred to as "s1" or "s1. If this is the first time you are installing Linux on your MacMini it's possible that the Linux installer will not set the boot order correctly.

To correct this you need to do:. I have what's functionally a brand new decade old laptop. And it's again a nimble screamer of a rig. Thank you again! Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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