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Open a browser and try to play the title again. Netflix has posted a page on how to fix this. The problem is with Silverlight. Follow the steps. Hope this fixes the problem. Anonymous "Mspr1. Anonymous "You will need to contact netflix You will need to contact netflix. There was an is folder that might need to be deleted and the netfilx customer support will help you step by step. You could try netflix. You will have to contact them and have them to repair it on their end. Make sure your membership is upgraded. U must referesh ur web bowserand delete all ur history cache and reset ur laptop and then try again.

Netflix is having a hard time reaching service then it say please try to connect later. I contacted them once over that and it seemed like their server was down. Check to make sure the DVD is from the correct region. What else shall i do so that i could watch movie in my pc.

I keep getting prompted to install Silverlight.

Add Your Answer Netflix error code n how do you fix this error code? How do i fix the network error code n? I have a netflix account and direct access to high speed internet. Someone said: Try other browsers. Firefox seems to do that sometimes. I'm on a Mac, and switching from Firefox to Safari fixed it.

Someone said: i had the same problem i ran a quick scan off of my anti virus software and did a restart on my computer when i booted back up i went into safemode and did another scan after the scan was finished i restarted my system again and it fixed the issue with netflix error code.

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I started getting Netflix error code N when I installed a wireless adapter. Can you help? This is an old computer that had been out of date, but it used to stream Netflix on Chrome and IE without any trouble. Anonymous 0. What do I do I do not want to sign in because I can not get back to Netflix. Please help me? I realy need help I am already signed in and paying I do not want to make my parents pay for an acount just for me. Fixing netflix error n ?

Netflix error n ? I am trying to stream netflix watch instantly on my mac but it says theres an error code n? I am trying to stream netflix watch instantly on my mac but it says theres an error code n Netflix will not load. Error Code N What is the problem? I need a program that will let me watch netflix.. I program that will let netflix play movies without having an error prblem.

Netflix will not play on Windows 7 system. I did, twice. I also updated Firefox yesterday, just in case. Still, no joy. I can stream Netflix just fine with Internet Explorer. What gives? I cleared everything from only Cache and Cookies. Tested by streaming 30 seconds from two Netflix videos. Everything works fine now. Thanks very much! Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache. In order to try to fix these problems, the first step is to clear both cookies and the cache.

Note: This will temporarily log you out of all sites you're logged in to. To clear cache and cookies do the following:. Further information can be found in the Clear your cache, history and other personal information in Firefox article. OK, I hope this works for you because it just worked for me. Go to tools, options, security and click on remember history. I did that and restarted my computer, logged into Netflix and now it's working, hooray! I hope it works for you. I am using Windows 7 64bit Ultimate and for some reason I had a problem that I have seen many people on here was having and was blaming Firefox's Plugin Container when watching Netflix or anything using Microsoft's Silverlight.

I just talked to Microsoft about it and found the solution on fixing it. I can't add service reference to my silverlight application.

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Web, Creating an ADO. And when I click on details, it shows me this :. Here is the VS08 Dev Environment giving some context to the location of the code where the exception was thrown;. None of the possible solutions that have worked for others have helped me thus far in solving this cross-domain issue. For obvious debugging reasons I hope to remain in VS Without either one present, that is clearly not causing my current error exception. We are opening image file. Any ideas on this? Why IE 8 and above is not downloading latest image files from server when these are modified there?

Thanks in advance..

Netflix Error Code: N : Is it a Netflix or a Silverlight issue? – mceworld

ClientConfig file:. In the web. I've read somewhere that you should disable Anonymous authentication but when I do that I keep getting a login-popup when I call the WCF-method the first time. I've downloaded Silverlight to watch shows online. Every time I click to watch it states unable to load plug in.

I've run fixit, removed and reinstalled, and had Silverlight search for problems and fix. Nothing has worked and I'm running it through Chrome. Here's my problem. I recently installed Windows 8 64 bit on my desktop and now Silverlight won't work. I spent an hour on the phone with Netflix tech support yesterday, trying to figure out why I kept getting the same error, and we were coming up with nothing. Uninstall Silverlight. Install it again. Microsoft Fixit says Silverlight may be corrupted. Fix it. And so on. Finally I mentioned to the tech I have a newly rebuilt computer and he asked me if my Windows 8 is 64 or When he found out it was 64, he said the Silverlight I have is for 32, so we just need to find the right version of Silverlight -- only there's no 64 bit Silverlight.

At that point I gave up on watching Netflix on the desktop and went to Amazon. Guess what?

They're running Silverlight now, too, so same problem. I've got the latest operating system, an i5 processor, super duper video card, and a GB solid state hard drive and can't stream videos on my desktop. So what do I do?

Netflix Player Error – Error Code: 2103

I use Chrome for my browser and, according to my info, it runs on 32 bit. Seems like it should work, right? I tried running both streaming systems through IE as well. My husband is also running the 64 bit Windows 8 on his computer and tried Netflix after I discovered this issue.

He was able to watch a movie by running it through Media Center.

I haven't been able to run Silverlight to watch Netflix since 11/30/2012

He also uses Firefox, so maybe that's the difference, but I'd really like to get it to work on my desktop using my browser of choice. Is that the solution, running through Media Center? If so, I can try that, but I'd rather not have to resort to a workaround. Seems like Microsoft could come up with a way to make their own program work through their latest operating system.

One other thing. I have got a Dell laptop in July that came loaded with Windows 8 the system on my desktop is Windows 8 Pro and was purchased after that, sometime in August. Both Netflix and Amazon stream fine on the laptop, because presumably it's a 32 bit program. I'm really hoping somebody out there can help me solve this problem.