Outlook mac os x archive

How to archive messages in the Mail app of Mac® OS X™

I do not know what is the exact location of that file. Please tell me what is the exact path where OLM files are located on Mac.

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  • Archive emails in Mail on Mac.

But they are unaware of the fact that OLM file is created when the user creates an archive in Mac Outlook and Therefore, in the section given below, we are going to discuss how to archive email in Mac Outlook and First of all, you have to open your Mac system and then choose Finder from the item menu given below.

Now, Export to Archive File. Here, you have to select the items such as mail, calendar, contacts, tasks etc. Now, you have to select the destination location or folder where you want to save the archive OLM file and then click on the Save button. Now, you have to navigate to the destination folder where the files are saved.

Double-click the destination folder to preview the archive OLM file. After that, the Export dialog box will appear.

I want to export to iCloud or to some other type of archive file

Here, you have to select Outlook for Mac Data File. Hence, you will have a complete copy of your emails elsewhere too for future references if the need ever arises. Continuity: When your emails are entirely on the email server, you need an Internet connection to access your emails. It is not the case at all with email archives since you will always have all the emails at your disposal when you need them.

Safety reasons: Accidental deletions are common, and it happens to the best of us. It is easy to mistakenly delete one or more emails and then regret it later when you are unable to find the email.


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Compliance and litigation needs: It is recommended that you archive your emails as part of conformity. Every organization must keep a copy of all kind of communication that is taking place between them and the other party such as their clients. If the need arises, the organization can back up their case with evidence in the form of email communication.

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  4. Storage space utilization: You can utilize the space on your email server with the help of archiving. Hence, you will be clearing space from your email server. As you can see, there are numerous benefits of archiving your Outlook emails or the entire mailbox. This archiving software comes embedded with the best algorithms you can ever imagine to archive your Outlook emails flawlessly.

    Read the following, and you will soon realize why the Mail Backup X is the ultimate archiving tool that you should get this instant:.

    A professional tool to archive Outlook on your Mac this minute!

    There are many storage devices that you can consider when you are saving your email archives. If you are keeping only your Outlook emails, then you can store them on your Mac for the time being.

    Productivity Features

    However, if you want to save the email archives of the whole organization, then you can keep the archives on a scalable and robust storage device.