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Start here: www. Do you see on the right side of the article in the sidebar the word, "print"?

How can I save my printing preferences for no headers and footers?

Click on it. The article will open without photos just text. Now do command-p. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content.

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User profile for user: sig sig. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Mar 31, AM in response to sig In response to sig How does PDF in Preview allow you to see how many pages of the article are blank pages or advertising or pictures or other information that you don't want to print because you'll be wasting ink and paper? Mar 31, PM in response to sig In response to sig When my wife prints a recipe she usually gets 6 or 7 additional pages of related but unnecessary information.

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Ask a question Reset. And if I go straight to "print preview" via right clicking the page, it only shows 1 out of 5 pages, and the page is messed up. I installed Print Edit WE but was not happy: instead of showing a preview, the add-on offered saving a pdf file, which often turned out suboptimal text lines cut off because of wrong scaling etc. It shows a clean version ready for printing while removing most junk automatically, so that most websites can be saved in nice PDF files with two clicks. Web Style function does not seem to work.

I honestly don't understand why it has to reload the web page on a new tab to start editing, as some sites do not allow this reloading a page conflicts with current active session. It's pointless to write all the issues here, because this add-on used to work just fine, and i got my job done at some point. Compare to non-WE version, this add-on is simply useless, as in "no better than the browser's built-in print preview". All i want is to keep everything same from the non-WE version, but no. What happened?

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An addon everyone really needs. I rather prefer the 'old' interface of the classic Add-on version instead of this strange and non-intuitive WebExtension version. Uninstalled, and went back to the classic version It is a useless step and unfortunatly can't be 'disabled'. Makes much more sense and has less steps to go thru. So, no benefits there either.

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But that is something I never have the need for and thus never do. Conclussion: compared to the classic addon, it has far more downsides than improvements for me. Still I appreciate the effort and skills though! This is by design since most people want to print only text and foreground images. If your desire is to print the entire contents of a page including the background, simply click on the box next to this option once so that it contains a check mark.

Firefox allows you to modify the top, bottom, left, and right margins for your print job. The default value for each is 0. Each of these can be modified by simply changing the numbers in these fields.

When modifying any margin value, you will notice that the page grid shown will resize accordingly. Firefox gives you the ability to customize the headers and footers of your print job in several ways.

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