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Your review for Tales of Monkey Island -. Players interact directly with the game screen with either mouse or Xbox controller.

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An added feature in the remake is the hint system, which offers players progressively more explicit hints about what needs to be done to solve the current problem. The graphics are all hand-drawn recreations of the original artwork. This includes not only the background art but character poses and animation.

By comparison, the artwork for the original edition of The Secret of Monkey Island was all drawn on computer. Players will be able to switch instantly between the original color graphics and new graphics while playing. While the redrawn graphics are very faithful to the original artwork, in some places background details have been added to aid the storytelling.

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  4. This reinforces the plot point that the pirates are all landlocked in terror of the Ghost Pirate LeChuck. No new music tracks were composed for the Special Edition, so ambient effects have also been added to lend the environments more atmosphere. The instruments of certain songs had to be altered. In some cases Harlin had to digitally repitch certain instruments due to Land's MIDIs using frequencies which could not be physically created. In certain instances such as the Love Song theme instruments had to be altered completely.

    All dialogue has been voice recorded.

    The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

    Leilani Jones Wilmore also returns as the voice of the Voodoo Lady [11]. Generally the producers have opted for The Curse of Monkey Island voice actors over Escape from Monkey Island voice actors, although characters first voiced in Escape from Monkey Island are also voiced by the same people in the Special Edition for example Meathook , Herman Toothrot and Otis. The one exception is Carla , who has been recast.

    It's an appropriately unique plot for what is a rather special game. It takes the format of a point-and-click adventure where dialog takes place with different characters which ultimately help guide you to solve the mystery. The game is entirely keyboard based as you have to guide Guy around using the arrow keys and using keys such as "L" and "E" to examine objects.

    The Curse of Monkey Island™

    It's the treasure hunting aspect of the game that's the most exciting part because you never know what you're going to find hidden under a tree, a rock or in a hut. Probably the most unique aspect of the game are the duels which take the form of insulting verbal exchanges between you and your opponent. The thing is, you need to know what responses will defeat your opponent and this can only be learned by picking up hints, tips and clues throughout the game.

    In the end, it can become a bit annoying but part of the challenge is to discover what the winning insults are. There are many aspects of Escape From Monkey Island that make it a classic adventure game - if you've never tried it, then I'm sure you'll be amused. What do you think about Escape From Monkey Island? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web?