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Tatiana Tatiana 8 8 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. The Michael can I send tcp socket to IP address or I should to send to And ipconfig doesn't works on mac. I tried ifconfig command or to look in the Preferences , but it gives only "xx:xx:xx.. Sorry I meant ifconfig.

I forgot that it was different :. You'll need to clear up the question a little. Are you trying to send something from a mobile device to your Mac OS X machine? Do you have a static IP? Do you have a domain?

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How do you know port 80 is closed? What's the output of netstat -an grep Connected to localhost. Mark Hillick Mark Hillick 5, 1 1 gold badge 14 14 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. On port 25 It says that a smtp mail server is running. It is unusual in a desktop computer.

Show which processes are listening to which ports - Mac OS X Hints

But it might happened while installing some other application. If you want to know what program exactly runs on a port u may use this command. U can replace the port number with e required port you wanted to scan. Most of the programs are not actually required by us. You can kill them or uninstall the corresponding program if u want. Use this Link to find out how to kill a program by port in mac os. Nothing to worry so far as this is normal in mac os machines. Sign up to join this community.

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  • Active 4 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Along those lines, I did an nmap localhost on my mac os and got the following on two different runs minutes apart : Starting Nmap 6. Tim Tim 12 2 2 bronze badges. When you set localhost as an nmap target, it is scanning your loopback address. By definition, these connections do not leave your computer. This is likely not how you want to start checking to see if you have been 'hacked'.

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    If you want to see the ports that are open to the rest of the network, use your local network IP instead e. Thank you for the information. I forgot about that. Its not open from outside my machine, but does respond if I locally telnet You could also try Nmap's -sV flag to see if it's a recognized service. I would be able to tell more with the result of: netstat -a grep Using g is no longer necessary as it does the same thing as a.

    How to Use the Netstat Command on Mac

    Make sure the documentation your are reading is up to date. That being said, I would focus on understanding how to set up iptables or UFW to take some of the guesswork out of this. Still not able to help you further without seeing the full output of netstating the process listening on I learned a lot today. I have read up a bit on Port Scanning overnight?

    Is this anything we should be worried about from a security point of view? Michael, you have to open the port on your firewall and your router. The latter can be easy or complex fepneodjh on brand of the router manufacturer. On osxdaily. How do I change this. Can you take a screenshot of what you seeing and send it to us osxdailycom gmail. Curiously, when I test my own IP, it shows that 21 — ftp is open, even without file sharing turned on and 21 is not open on my airport extreme.

    Any ideas on how to close this loop, if it indeed needs closing? You can also check what system services you have enabled in the Sharing preference panel. What version of OS X is on the Mac? I too have port 21 associated with FTP. No sharing is turned on. In activity monitor I see that a process called Pacemaker is associated with Port Any thoughts? Pacemaker is part of the system clock function, it keeps the clock on schedule by periodically checking time against Apple servers. Thanks, Paul.

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