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A psychological single-player and co-op horror game set in a deserted town filled with horrific creatures and nightmarish delusions. A pretty fun casual roguelike game that I believe is now for iOS but they've made it into a card centric game. A turn based puzzle game with roguelike and chess elements, kind of a weird learning curve but worth it. An adventure platformer game with randomized level generation similar to roguelike games.

A retro styled action twitch game and the predecessor to Super Hexagon. A 2D pixel psychological horror game with a pretty sweet soundtrack. An open source sim based on Transport Tycoon Deluxe, you manage busses, trains and really everything transport related, great if you're looking to spend hours of your life. A really cool adventure game with puzzle elements where you need to fold the levels in certain ways in order to progress. A really great side scrolling endless runner game, it's been called the original endless runner game, bleak aesthetics, kind of a 2D Mirror's Edge without the color cues.

A really simple but emotional platformer, not sure what any of it means though. A survival driving game, pretty fun if playing with several people. An interesting puzzle game that plays like explosive billiards.. A really simple but difficult minimal puzzle game, very similar to the sliding rocks game found in calculators and really addictive.

A lot like Little Inferno, a 2D procedurally generated platform-esque game where you play as a flame trying to pass on your flame to other things without getting stuck and burning out. A point and click claymation game about the famous artist's return from a psych ward.

Worth a playthrough if only to see the claymation. A sweet little logic game and companion piece to 0h n1. A turn based adventure RPG set in the 16th century, really rewarding if you're into adventure and exploration games. It's amazing that one person made this and is still working on it.

A pretty cool arena shooter that feels like you're in a rave on acid.

Werewolf Tycoon

A choose your own text adventure game with an interesting historical background. A twitch arcade game where you have to blast throw certain squares and avoid others all while avoiding this wave of doom that looms over you. Use old embed code. Hide old embed code. Werewolf Tycoon A sweet werewolf stealth arcade game where you have to eat as many people as possible and kill all witnesses.

Lost Constellation. Even the Stars An enigmatic game about travelling through space using typed commands as well as keys to navigate around a seemingly endless universe documenting your journey with logs. Cart Life A retail simulation game where you are in charge of running a food cart, styled like Paper's Please and always reminded me of it.

Off Peak. Frail Shells. After just fifteen minutes of this confusion I was jumping at every flickering pixel. As you get deeper, it becomes clear that your avatar has done some very wicked things indeed. The unfinished state of the game means we're left in the dark as to exactly what. And in some ways, it's scarier left to the vagaries of the imagination.

For gamers of a certain age, Alien was their seminal horror film. It took 35 years and any number of badly executed franchise titles before it got a proper video game treatment. But it was worth waiting for. As the unbeatable, extraterrestrial terror pursues you through the game, you'll see echoes of the original film everywhere. Not just in the visual and sound design, but in the classic message that often, people are worse than the monsters chasing them.

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During its tutorial, System Shock 2 looks like a typical sci-fi shooter. It maintains that pretence right up until the start of your mission aboard the spaceship Von Braun. All your guns, training and cyber-modules are of little avail when they're starved of ammunition and spare parts.


It's survival horror of the purest variety. Don't let the age of the game put you off. However jagged the graphics might appear, the ragged sounds of cyborg mutants stalking you in the dark isn't something that dates. By Monolith Productions, Inc. This is the only game on this list which is, unquestionably, an out-and-out shooter.

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Other games have guns, sure, but they ration bullets like their own blood. What earns the game its spot is the antagonist.

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A small, delicate ghost of a girl who lacks a face and can tear apart a whole special forces squad with a mere thought. Suddenly, you feel you can justify the fact you're carrying all those guns. Alan Wake feels like a fan's attempt to squeeze the entire horror canon into a single game. From gore to ghost stories. From Lovecraft to King. It's all here. The result is predictably unweildy. It can feel bloated and there are some uneasy shifts between action thrills and psychological chills.

But with so much content and so much imagination, it's a case of throwing it all at the wall and finding an awful lot sticks nicely. The Resident Evil franchise pretty much invented modern survival horror. But many of the older games in the series feel slow and clumsy by current standards.

Frightening and fun

Even the much-vaunted fourth outing suffers from tank controls and obscure camera angles. They're there to increase the scare in what's otherwise a standard action game Blasphemy! Between them and the menagerie of repulsively parasitised foes, Resident Evil 4 still supports more than its fair share of shocks. The premise of fighting an army of nasties built from mangled corpses is a good start for any horror game. What made Dead Space special is how you fought them.

Lopping off different body parts might disable or merely enrage your foes.

Bloody Disgusting!

By the time you found out which, it was often too late. Later games in this series crossed the line into full-blooded third person shooters. You can see the original heading in that direction. But the scarcity of resources leaves the game with one foot in classic survival horror. Developer Ice-Pick lodge isn't exactly a horror specialist.

Its hallmark, however, is games of such outragous oddness that it's hard to categorise them as anything else. Pathologic sees you trapped in a town stricken with a virulent disease. Its plot is set over the course of twelve days and events unfold without you, whether the consequences ruin your game or not.

The same devil may care design pertains to whether you get enough weapons to fight or even food to survive. As the town descends into panicked madness the devil may not care, but you certainly will. Do not adjust your set. Half-Life did have a few scary moments, but it's not listed here for the original game.