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Or wander into someone's foursquare game. Someone help that boy! Thanks x 15 LOL! This is the most tragic and hilarious thread on this entire website and you can't tell me otherwise. Between the burned to hell salmon and wheelchair gif I stay laughing and crying. Where is that wheelchair gif from? Did he survive? Thanks x Ahhhh memories.

Google Adds Wheelchair-Accessible Routes To Google Maps | Digital Trends

Last edited: Aug 24, Not the same, bih!! Thanks x 27 LOL! I rarely watch the vlogs and when I do, I skip around and ff. Google has also been capturing and updating Street View imagery of transit stations and centers, to allow people to preview their destination beforehand.

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By adding even more accessibility information, those in wheelchairs, on crutches, or pushing strollers will have an easier time traveling. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss. The feature will roll out to Google Assistant-enabled phones, speakers, and displays over the next few weeks. Posted 12 hours ago — By Ed Oswald.

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Google With fingers in pretty much every pie imaginable -- search engines, phones, smart assistants, office software, even robots -- Google is one of the biggest players in the tech industry, and it can be hard to keep up with everything they do…. Posted 1 day ago — By Digital Trends Staff.

Gaming Google Stadia vs. Blade's Shadow: How the game-streaming services differ Google Stadia and Blade's Shadow are two very different game-streaming services. We've outlined the key differences between the two to help you decide which one you should pay for. Posted 3 days ago — By Gabe Gurwin. Mobile Google flags preinstalled malware as hidden threat on millions of Android phones Google flagged preinstalled malware on Android smartphones as a hidden threat.

It’s Nice That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finally Got Bran A Wheelchair

The team discovered that the Chamois malware was preloaded in 7. Posted 3 days ago — By Aaron Mamiit. Posted 1 day ago — By Drake Hawkins. Dec 23, 1, 0 0 Ontario, Canada. I still remember the mcdonalds scene, and wheelchair fall off cliff Escape Goat Member. Jun 6, 76, 1 0 37 DC.

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Jun 9, 25, 4 1, Seattle, WA. Is there Mac and Me porn? BertramCooper Banned. Sep 3, 34, 1 0 www. It's perhaps the most shameless movie ever made. Blackhead Redarse. Dec 23, 18, 0 0. Gary Whitta said:. BertramCooper said:. It's perhaps the most SneakySneaks Member. Feb 4, 1, 0 0.

Awesome Garbage: Mac and Me

White Man said:. MrCunningham Member. Jan 12, 18, BC Canada. Mac and Me is basically what happens when E. The Extra Terrestrial get's remade under the hands of a lesser director I'm heavily stressing the word "lesser" here and is funded by Mc Donalds. It's glorious! Ridley Member.