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Additionally, it works with all web browsers and not just safari alone. You can use it with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Explorer and many more. You may use the simplified version of Video Grabber directly from below, it works in the same way and you could follow the instructions.

Download Flash videos in a click

If you want a more stable desktop application with no notification pop-ups or even video fetching process, check out Free Video Downloader for mac. This software can download video from safari works with the latest OS X Mavericks very smoothly. It does not show any incompatible errors. You may get a quick start from the below download link. Additionally, it comes with a file converter for modifying formats depending on your desires. As an alternative to video downloader for safari, this program can download and convert multiple files all at once letting you save great amount of time as well as effort.

Other features include PC screen recorder, live video streaming capturer, video editor and more. Easy ways to Download Video in Safari. Make sure that you have the most recent version of safari installed on your Mac. Head on to the website where you want to grab videos. Double click it and the download will commerce automatically The safari browser is capable of downloading if you want to save some space on your hard drive.

Method 2: Video Grabber Another free safari video downloader that is proven to be effective is Video Grabber. Mac Software Program to download video If you want a more stable desktop application with no notification pop-ups or even video fetching process, check out Free Video Downloader for mac. Rating: 4. Last updated on December 17, Viewed 65k times.

CyberSkull CyberSkull 1, 6 6 gold badges 27 27 silver badges 49 49 bronze badges. You can open resource for the video or videoplayback in YouTube from the web inspector. Enable the debug menu if you haven't. Now load the resource you want to download.

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Back to the inspector, look at the list of files. Look for audio, video, etc under the Other folder. Select the resource you want, then look to the right of the window under location and copy the full URL.

How to download .flv .mp4 videos from any website (youtube, Vimeo... etc) in Mac OS X!

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Guides to download flash videos on Mac

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How to Download Web & Flash Videos to a Mac with the Safari Activity Monitor Trick

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