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Sun counter-sued later that year, and the legal issues dragged on. By then, Sun was hitting hard times and Oracle swooped in to purchase the company.

ZFS on Mac - creating a ZFS pool - AlBlue’s Blog

This sowed further doubt about the future of ZFS, since Oracle did not enjoy wide support from open source advocates. Many remain skeptical of deduplication, which hogs expensive RAM in the best-case scenario. There are only three ways to expand a storage pool:. So what are your other choices? Linux has a few decent volume managers and filesystems, and most folks use a combination of LVM or MD and ext4.

Porting OpenZFS to OSX and Windows by Jorgen Lundman

Both of those are because too many people try to virtualize and lose their data forever. Be sure you read both of those and follow the advice and don't ignore ANY of the advice. Both of those are the result of over a year of people thinking they could do it and losing family pictures, personal files, etc.

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Don't be one of the statistics. Anything else is asking for trouble and lost data.

An extensive ZFS setup on MacOS

Virtualizing FreeNAS is one of those things that works great when it works. But the one day you have a failed hard drive or other problem that you'd think is minor is suddenly a catastrophy. Joined Aug 22, Messages 1, Thanks I haven't used either. Joined Nov 5, Messages Thanks 3.

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Why do it so difficult? Then salvage your data. Joined Aug 6, Messages 2 Thanks 1. E apul said:.

What I wanted (it works):

Rocky Newbie Dec 6, Joined Dec 5, Messages 22 Thanks 1. I think this process is being way overthought - why not just have a version of Freenas that runs in VMWare Workstation or Oracle Virtualbox running on an Windows machine - if failure strikes in scenario given - connect the drive to the Windows box, start up FreeNAS - whether via virtualbox or USB stick as earlier suggested - and recover your data?

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  • Joined Aug 12, Messages 1, Thanks Disclaimer I'm pretty new to ZFS myself, so take these steps with a grain of salt. If you have any suggestions for changes or alternatives, please comment below.

    Prepare Mirror Disk

    You're not sure you like the fact that you have to disable journaling on this data partition, so you look into this ZFS thing. I wanted to make the latter my pool's base. When you manage a ZFS storage devices, you deal with something called a zpool and a vdev. A zpool is a group of vdev , ie.