Reinstall mac os x mountain lion from internet

Oddly, 3 hours ago I was able to. Now every process I have been reading about and try gets me back to the white screen.

How to Install (or Reinstall) Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Edit: When I earlier was able to access utility, no disk errors were found. So odd…. I got a mac Book Pro with os x maverick and i erased the files at the utility without backup of the apps. Please how do i make it work again. I erased my HD drive. After that installed mac os. After some time its giving error f. Tried on my office WiFi. Hi, so I wiped my Mac hd due to some problems with performance etc.

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From there I try the internet recovery and keep getting error code f. Any idea what to do? Would this work on my iMac A owned since September ?? Have basically done a factory reset, just need to reinstall OS. Good if your internet is stable, turn it on while holding the command and R key for internet recovery mode. This will take you to the OS utilities where you will download the os from your mac directly from the apple servers. Once this is done, the partitions will appear as prompt.

I went and reset my MacBook Air, and then i went to access the internet recovery bit, the bar started loading up, and about 3 quarters of the way it stopped and said F apple. I have erased HD, de-authorised from iTunes and signed out of iCloud in readiness to sell the machine — however it is only re-installing Mountain Lion — which is the version of OS X that came when purchased. Any idea why?

I format my os x and create new partitions throw Windows 7 no any sound in win7. When trying to reinstall OS or basicly do anything else, my Mac cannot find a disc. I have nowhere to install it to. Advice appreciated. Could a car run without an engine? It would do nothing. Install a hard drive, how are you supposed to re-install OS X without a hard drive?

Where is it going to go? Get it together. Be Kind.. After updating Lion from Mac OS X Snow Leopard did not include or support Internet Recovery, so it would be impossible to restore an operating system to the Mac which never included the feature. In those situations, the most recent version of OS X available will be recommended by Apple to install. OS X Mavericks is quite good, and is at least optimized for most hardware. What goes in box with WiFi or antenna next to it? And what goes in box with lock? What do I click on check or enter.. Do I have to put in a disk to reinstall mountain lion or should something come up that I can choose from?

I have followed these instructions and successfully get to the point where I can reinstall Lion. This process has repeated itself several times. Any ideas what to do from here? Thank you. I followed the steps in this article and sure enough I got to the point where I had the option to reinstall and the OS offered was Mavericks the one which came with the MacBook Pro. This is what I wanted: Downgrade from Yosemite to Mavericks. However, since I have a second partition for my file storage separate from the system partition I clicked on that and it is now installing.

Be Safe, Not Sorry: Learn about Recovery HD on Mac OS X Lion | MacProCleaner

Once if it installed can I just erase the partition where I have Yosemite and get rid of it altogether so I just use Mavericks or it would be better to keep both and dual boot? Instead of re-formatting if that is the right terminology my macAir, I accidentally selected my external time machine hard drive ouch. How do I proceed?

And afterwards delete the 1st partition? At present that is one of the few things I can click on. Disk 1 cannot be deleted because it is d place where os x utilities is installed Do nothing on this and just close the window.

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Now click on reinstall mac or install mac os x. Let it go. Hi, I recently bought a Mac Book Air as My Mac Book Pro failed on me and when you turned it on it went to a file on a grey screen flashing with a question mark on it? I have got macbook pro early model. Later on I upgraded it to Mavericks. Recently I thought of upgrading it to Yosemite which I did.

On successful installation I realised that It is extremely slow and found out that it is encrypting my whole hard disk. I left it for hours and hours but it looked like it stuck on that process. And also did not allow me to stop the process. I turned off my macbook using power button kind of hard stop thing. When I tried to turn it on, it stuck on safe mode and nothing was happening. I could not log back in and I tried all the diifferent methods like PRAM reset, safe mode, disk utility tool to repair the disk but nothing seemed to work. Luckily I had backup in Time machine from last year which restored my system back to Mavericks.

I started using it and it was working fine. Yesterday while closing my system I used Power button and did that forced shut down kind of thing again and since then it is not turning back on properly. From safe mode I tried to restart the system but since then it stuck on Grey Barred Circle thing. I decided to use Internet recovery method when all other methods failed including safe mode, pram reset, single user command.

Please help me. Any reason why this is happening? Or has it not taken my password? I see no horizontal progress bar, only spinning gear there. This is not a walkthrough on downgrading mac, this is a walkthrough on using Internet Recovery to reinstall OS X that came with the computer. Would this style work in this case? One day at work I found a Macbook Air in a recycling box. My boss let me keep it, if I made sure I wiped it clean.

So I arrogantly booted it up, showed it to him, and did internet recovery. I have used recovery partition several times, and it is relatively slow on WiFi , but infinitely useful way to fix serious performance issues. Therefore, once the operation is complete, you pick up where you left off, all apps and settings and docs are right where you left them and no Restore from backup is needed. I agree! Hi Jack, Ive been having this issue where first of all if I just boot the imac, it just keeps restarting over and over.

This seems to happen no matter what startup commands I try. I dont care if everything on the computer gets deleted I just want to get this thing working again. Downgrading with Internet Recovery is not a good idea at all. Mine has taken so long to get through the internet recover mode to reach the OS utilities and I think it will take longer to download the OS from the internet. I would like to know how I can install from the OS setup that i have copied to my usb drive. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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Perform a Clean Install of OS X Mountain Lion on Startup Drive

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Select Disk Utility Select your disk on the left side. If you can't find the disk, click on the button near the top left, then select the "Show all disks" option. This will create a partition on your disk drive Quit Disk Utility and continue with installation as you did. Vladimir Prudnikov Vladimir Prudnikov 7 7 silver badges 3 3 bronze badges. In recent versions Disk Utility is available via menu bar no need to quit install. If you can't see all your disks there, there's a hidden menu button at the top left, from there select "Show all disks" checkbox.

Thanks but there are two issues for me with this method: 1. I want to keep all files - so don't really want to erase. Even if I want to erase, the erase disk button is grayed out so I cannot do it. Any suggestions? Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!