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French was taken to the hospital where he survived after having spent several weeks in treatment. French came to find out he was set up by someone close to him and his circle. The track "Quarter to Eight" was the first of many collaborations with Rick Ross. The J. Cardim-produced "Straight Cash" was French's first underground hit. In , he released his second mixtape, Live From Africa. The song "Waavvy" was the first collaboration with rapper Max B. The two artists resumed concentrating on their solo records, until the release of their second collaborative mixtape Coke Wave 2 in November that year.

At that time he had already been signed to Bad Boy Records following the success of his single "Shot Caller", and had just signed a joint-venture between Bad Boy and Maybach Music Group. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, close friend and producer Harry Fraud revealed first meeting French Montana during a recording session at a studio in Chinatown. Fraud recalls recording a song for someone which French happened to have a guest feature on. In an unusual turn of events, the building was raided by police after a tip-off that there were counterfeit Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses being manufactured at the same building.

Having lost his studio spot, Fraud went on to form his own studio in Brooklyn, where the two "met and formed a bond". Harry Fraud, who hails from a musical family background and had interned at a recording studio, was still unknown professionally at the time. Since then, Harry Fraud's production has been a staple among French's music, and Fraud has since ventured out into working with various other artists.

French Montana – Sanctuary (Lyrics) by waelbnh | Wael Bounouh | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Fraud gained mainstream attention when his track with French Montana "Shot Caller" became one of the most added tracks on urban contemporary radio in The pair collaborated on a series of tracks including their first single "Married to the Streets" on French's seventh mixtape Cocaine Konvicts released on September In later interviews, French revealed that he had a "shopping deal" with Akon for a six months to a year period. I was gonna go get signed to his label, but they were going through problems with Interscope.

Akon, whom French refers to as "big brother", would continue to maintain a relationship with French, collaborating on songs together despite the unsuccessful deal between the two. French had met Akon through their mutual friend Gaby Acevedo. Acevedo, whom French had befriended during his time working on the Cocaine City DVDs, had put his music on to Akon who then approached French inviting him to meet him in Florida. Although the Akon deal was short-lived, Acevedo would eventually go on to become French's manager following his mainstream breakout. With French's management deal with Mizay Entertainment having recently ended, Gaby Acevedo would postpone retirement to become his new manager, where he now spends his time on the road touring with French.

The record which included the track "Choppa Choppa Down", featuring Waka Flocka Flame, became a hit among clubs and radio throughout the south. Waka Flocka, who recently broken into the mainstream with his single "Hard In Da Paint" released on May 13, had recorded the song earlier that year while Gucci Mane was still in prison. The two respective breakout tracks would kick off the start of a close relationship between French and Waka Flocka, where the two describe themselves as being "brothers".

With the success of the Coke Boys mixtape and his recent management deal with Debra, French adopted a recurring trap influence among his music.

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On February 15, French released his eleventh mixtape Mister Casino Life , which featured productions from Fraud and Lex Luger among others, including his soon-to-be next hit "Shot Caller". The tape's combination of hard trap beats alongside the more soulful beats - such as those of his New York producer Harry Fraud - would become a fixture among French's music. The latter sound being further explored in his twelfth mixtape Coke Boys 2 released on August 19, providing a softer break from his more robust tapes that year.

Both records have been acclaimed for their production and hooks. French would continue on his increasing presence in the South, releasing his collaborative mixtape with Waka Flocka called Lock Out on December That same month, he would release his long-awaited collaborative mixtape Cocaine Mafia with Memphis-based rappers Juicy J and Project Pat, released on December This would be French's thirteenth and fourteenth mixtapes, respectively.

With four records out in , it would be his busiest year of releases since With French's growing buzz in the South, he was approached by Florida-based rapper Rick Ross who invited him to his studio.

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French, who admits having been a fan of Ross' music, was invited to come "at like three in the morning" where he listened to his upcoming MMG collaborative album Self Made Vol. The two recorded a track for the album, while Ross hopped on the remix to "Choppa Choppa Down". The new single, which also featured Wiz Khalifa, was released on April 28, , with the music video coming out in June. The collaboration would mark the start of French's relationship with Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group, prompting speculation whether French would be signing to the label.

Fat Joe, whom he refers to as "big brother", praised French's work ethic and revealed that French had been receiving offers from several major labels. During his performance, Fat Joe brought out French Montana to perform on stage. Controversy erupted as Jim Jones and his entourage, who were reportedly on the adjacent balcony seats, began hurling bottles and glass at the performers.

The following day, videos of the incident were uploaded online, depicting French and his entourage facing a barrage of glass and liquor on stage, as they continued performing his rendition of "Hard In Da Paint" while facing the mentioned balcony with the crowd chanting along to it. Some of the members on stage hurled debris back towards the balcony, as Jones and his entourage eventually exited the premises.

On October 9, French announced Diddy and T. DJ Drama, who called it his favorite record, referred T. Although the T. Diddy would also appear that night as part of his "Bad Boy Takeover" campaign, whereon the two officially announced that French Montana had signed to Bad Boy Records. Between , "Shot Caller" had become one of the most added tracks on urban contemporary radio in the country. It was re-released as a single on January 10, and the music video for the remix was released in February In a subsequent interview with Billboard magazine, French revealed that had he not signed with Bad Boy that MMG would be his next choice.

However, on January 4, , while in the studio with Rick Ross, the two announced French's new signing to a joint-venture between Bad Boy Records and Maybach Music Group, making him a part of both labels. Both Ross and Diddy would be executive producing his debut studio album. Notable for its memorable French and Ross "hook", the track became one of the biggest hits that year, oft-talked about for its Drake verse believed to be a "diss" towards rapper Common at the time. French later revealed to host Sway Calloway on MTV's RapFix Live in August that he almost turned down the cover opportunity feeling he deserved it a year or two prior.

The song would be one of the biggest hits that year, and a still-popular club and summer anthem since. While initially expected for a release in July , French's album went through several pushbacks until its finalized release date of May 21, The article describes his journey through Morocco, meeting his mother's family, and eventually his estranged father who isn't made aware of his son's coming arrival. The piece ends with an emotional reunion between the father and the two sons, including Ayoub who had previously never met their father before.

Acclaimed for its production and track selection, it was among the most downloaded mixtapes of all time.

French Montana shares Kanye West-produced single ‘Lose It’ featuring Lil Wayne, Rick Ross

The song was also included as a bonus track on the upcoming Excuse My French album. The run up to which included further video releases, including the Black Metaphor produced "Sanctuary" on February 3, Swizz Beatz produced "Diamonds" featuring Ross and J. Since the tapes' premiere on DatPiff, it would reach the K "double platinum" rating by first month, and presently stands at a "diamond" rating with over 1. In January , French announced his second single "Freaks", featuring Nicki Minaj, from his upcoming album to be a remake of Lil Vicious' song of the same name.

The song premiered on Hot 97 on February 13, with the music video coming out on March 3. It would fast become a viral hit, only to be outdone by French's third single "Ain't Worried About Nothin" released on April 15, The music video premiered on May 7, and would be the last before the release of his album on May Upon its release, Excuse My French was met with mixed reviews from music critics. It fared better commercially, debuting at number 4 on the Billboard chart, with first-week sales of 56, copies in the United States.

French, who is close to producer Young Chop, had previously collaborated with Durk on his recent mixtape and with Chief Keef on his debut album the year before. The song is inspired by French's brushes with death, including the late incident where he survived a gunshot to the head. The song was inspired by Ross' brush against death the year before, when his Rolls-Royce came under repeated gunshot fire while driving through Fort Lauderdale on January 28, In a bizarre series of events, French Montana would experience a similar but unrelated event months later when his convoy came under fire on March 1 in Philadelphia during his "Excuse My French" tour after French had finished performing a show hours earlier.

The music video premiered on February 27, Albeit met with mixed to positive reviews, the song would be a hit and was re-released as a single on March 3. The song premiered on LA's Power in March 5, and was released as a single on March 11, with the music video coming out two days later. French also appeared in the music video to Fat Joe's single "Stressin", featuring Jennifer Lopez, which premiered in October later that year. With a guest verse by Ross and ad-libs by French, the single was released on March 24, with the music video premiering on March The single was released on March 29, with the music video coming out on June 22 that year.

The "amuse-bouche" to French's debut album.

Following weeks of promotion, the single was released on August The music video, which retained the dark themes of the movie while maintaining its catchy DJ Mustard character, became a viral hit. Khaled's former Terror Squad affiliate and Bronx-native Remy Ma had just been released from prison the day prior. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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(MAC AND CHEESE 3) intro- French Montana FULL SONG !!!!!!

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