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It also doesn't help that Bowser's recovery move has been nerfed and his flying slam has been given extra lag and is now more punishable. Bowser may have issues, but he could easily be brought back up to speed in a future update. However, the new version of Pichu is a huge threat on the battlefield, due to his small stature making him hard to hit, his incredible agility, and a few powerful attacks that are difficult to avoid.

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Pichu's down aerial is now one of the best spikes in the game and his Skull Bash is far more dangerous than it used to be. Pichu also shares Pikachu's benefit of having an improved recovery move, making him far more effective when off the stage. The fact that a lot of Ridley's moves are inconsistent and easy to punish means that he is one of the riskiest characters to play as, though Ridley's popularity means that we will still see many players attempt to turn him into a force to be reckoned with in Super Smash Bros.

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All of our employees, agents and partners are committed to keeping your data confidential. For update 4. And phwoar, he's very strong. Being a swordfighter, Hero has an MP Bar, with a menu ability that allows you to use special attacks, that often do some incredible damage, including a movement and speed buff. Additionally, you're able to block projectiles with a forward tilt, and his special attacks consume a slight bit of MP.

If you fully charge your side special, Zapple, you're able to almost certainly thwack an enemy right off stage. With really strong normals, tilts and smashes, and to top it all off, a skill named Thwack, that has the potential to instantly KO enemies. As ever with every new patch, we've made some adjustments to the tier list in 4.

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Most notably, Charizard has been buffed, but Ivysaur has been slightly nerfed. We've decided to keep Pokemon Trainer in the same category for this reason. Lucas has also received a reduced invulnerability window when using PK Fire, this is significant enough a change for us to bump him up a tier. Corrin's up special has been buffed a fair amount, so we've also given them a bump. Ridley in particular has become a stronger contender that originally thought, jumping all the way up in the tier list, thanks to some buffs to their Air Attacks, side special and up special.

Ultimately - there are alterations for many characters across the board, but not too much in the way of nerfs. With the above changes and explanations out the way, it's time to choose a fighter. Melee fighters are the best at getting up close and personal with your enemies. Their normal attacks should be quick, their tilts exceptional, and smashes hit hard. A great example of a good melee fighter would be Bowser, who might have some ranged options with his firebreath, but excels at getting up close and personal to dish out some pain.

You should also consider a move often forgotten by a lot of casual Smash Players, the throw is an excellent way to chuck your enemies offstage, a great example of a character with a great throw is Ken's Roll-Back throw, as you're able to take an enemy from the last quarter of the stage, grab and roll them straight off the edge, leaving them vulnerable to your spiking smash attacks to finish them off. Ultimate, with some devastating attacks with her side special, and quick tilts, you can often find yourself juggling characters in the air, or driving enough pressure on them to the side of the stage that they cannot escape.

While our iconic street fighters are not in our top 'strongest' tier, that doesn't make them any less deadly up close.

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With their focus attack, Ryu and Ken gain armour on a single attack, and are able to crumple your opponents to the ground, meaning that this is a great counter to hard hitting single attacks or smashes. Additionally, with their repertoire of traditional Street Fighter moves, Ryu and Ken might be a little bit stubby when it comes to their normal attacks, but it is a great starting point for someone wanting to play a melee character.

This fan-favourite character has shown their true colours as the patches have gone by, highlighting how good Ridley really is. Focusing on a big close-range game, and with some devastating attacks and a strong recovery, Ridley is a great option for players who want to use a melee character at a high level. In particular, Ridley's dominance in the air is one of his biggest strengths. From tilts that come out incredibly quickly, to great recoveries on his side special, Ridley is a force to be reckoned with, in the right hands.

Sword Fighters dominate a lot of our 'Best' tier, and for good reason. Their attacks have some decent range, and they use that to use space to their advantage. Sword fighters have excellent zone control, and often can also combo you into oblivion.

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  6. Many Sword Fighters also have a 'Counter', which is essentially a parry, but have to be timed excellently. So what's all the big fuss about? We go into detail with two of the best characters below.

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    Roy and Chrom are more than just simple Marth clones. With fire damage side specials in addition to an excellent neutral air attack. Roy and Chrom are in our 'Best' tier, and it shows when coming face to face with them. Brawl had the unenviable task of following up Melee, and mostly succeeded on all fronts. Up until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out, Super Smash Bros. Whatever middle-school arguments you had a bout which video game characters were cooler, there's a good chance you can settle it in this game.

    And for casual fans, the new 8-player Smash mode was an even more chaotically joyful way to beat down your friends. Smash 4 is a bit lacking in terms of compelling single-player content, offering a lackluster Smash Tour party mode in lieu of a true story or adventure mode. No Smash game has quite the legacy of Melee.

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    Melee expanded the roster with favorites like Marth and Zelda, and introduced staple features such as Adventure Mode and an addicting array of trophies to collect. Melee has created some of the most iconic esports moments of all time , but, just as importantly, remains a blast to play either competitively or casually to this day.

    Ultimate lives up to its name and then some.