Fleetwood mac live 2013 verizon center washington apr 9

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  • Fleetwood Mac to Launch World Tour in April – Rolling Stone.
  • Fleetwood Mac Live Tour Announced - Live Nation Entertainment;
  • Fleetwood Mac Unveil Tour Dates | Billboard;

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Top Tours Research. Perhaps over-carousing? Does Lindsey deign to carouse? And Stevie, oh Stevie, the top range of her uniquely fluid yet meaty voice clipped.


Fleetwood Mac to Launch World Tour in April

It was almost too hoarse and monotonic. Enthusiasm prevailed, however. Buckingham absolutely screamed. Chimes came into the picture in a major way. By "Dreams," the batwing shirt-ed, fedora'd Stevies in the audience were out of their seat and twirling, with Nicks, on stage, clapping her hands against her wrists in an oddly muppety fashion. Can someone please fact-check the last time Fleetwood Mac wrote a song? Dear Fleetwood Mac, we want outtakes. We will listen to anything.

Why restrict it to an EP? It provided a good beer break for many audience members and brought some undue attention to the LED wingding display modules at the corner of the stage. Out of nowhere, the stagecraft went from incongruous to blinding. A blast of white light, a visual approximation of "Rhiannon" probably cribbed from deviantart.

The work of the backup singers was most evident here, especially during one point in which it appeared that Madam Nicks was simply mouthing the word "Rhiannon. The essential components of the song were present and generally satisfactory.

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A 'hammered' Sheen goes to Taco Bell. Houston's mom slams Lifetime biopic. Share this on:. December 22, at pm Report abuse Log in to Reply.

Fleetwood Mac Concert Setlist at Verizon Center, Washington on April 9, | ilodykuh.tk

Laura Rowland Fleetwood Mac is the greatest band ever has timeless best songs of all time and they do sincere concerts. December 7, at pm Report abuse Log in to Reply. December 6, at pm Report abuse Log in to Reply. December 5, at pm Report abuse Log in to Reply. Rhiannon You Cry Some of you seriously need to do their research before babbling on here.


Same goes for Linda Ronstadt. Fleetwood Mac on their last hurray tour.

Fleetwood Mac Live 2013

December 5, at am Report abuse Log in to Reply. I would see fleetwood mac one more time December 4, at pm Report abuse Log in to Reply. TimR Most musicians retire before the age of 70 especially female ones What happened didn't you think fleetwood mac knew about the tour? I can't wait to get my hands on stevie tickets Louisa When I was a little kid I would sing into a hair brush and pretend that I was her. Junebug Totally. Mr Ed Now u know we listen to the bieb while in the barn, stop acting like we are something we aint.

TimR nah its the other way around he's getting prettier and prettier and the dude starting to look like a lady lol December 5, at am Report abuse Log in to Reply. Rhiannon It is hard to find controversial drama to compete with the headlines these days.

Armand Winter Too bad they don't have Christine with them Special Sauce Ditto!! Dick Armand- Yeah, I agree with you on that one. Sue i agree the group is a waste especially lindsey buckingham You have missed a lot. Including your brain. Steve Gibson New Fleetwood Mac tour, who gives a crap! Special Sauce O. Rhiannon Silverspring Well here is an idea, brain surgeon: if you don't care, then don't read the article, or take the time to post on it.

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Fleetwood Mac - Sad Angel - Washington, DC - April 9, 2013