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Kendrick Lamar makes another appearance on this list with a chill track and some real lyrics. This is one of our favorite rap songs for smoking weed because it features 3 of our favorite rappers.

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Mac, Vince, and Earl put together a dope track here, even though it never made it onto any full-length albums. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Home About Twitter Contact.

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Search for:. You might also like our Spotify playlist of smoking jams:. You can't fight the feeling You can't fight the feeling, no [Verse 2: Mac Miller] Uh, and I keep a couple most dope homies by me So there ain't too many times it's me, myself and Irene We stay smokin' through the night wake up, do some Tai Chi Homie can't you see I'm chillin?

Still I tell em "fuck what you know, I'm feelin' comfortable" Just continue livin' life, cause enough of em don't You spent your days countin' every single penny man Store it now, cause we comin' for you anyways [Hook] [Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar] Sometimes I wake up, up in the mornin', practice wipin' make up Off my bed soon as she's gone, and take up Hours out my day just do find power, shit to say, but You won't hear it, even if your ears was pierced with Beats by Dre I mean, the sun is slowly fallin' We all surely die eventually, so what's your callin'?

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    Mac Miller ft. Kendrick Lamar - Fight The Feeling (Macadelic) (New Music April 2012)

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