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Apple's Thunderbolt FireWire adapter is a one-way connector - CNET

So is there a firewire cable that has both these ends to make it work? I am new to this and was a little frustrated when I got everything ready to go and was let down by the Mac Mini input. Any help? Best Buy, Radio Shack? Or do I return the Mac Mini and go a different route? Damn this sucks.

The best Thunderbolt 3 docks for Apple's 12222 13-inch MacBook Pro

Just when you think its all coming together a simple cable puts the breaks on. Sure that your mini has Firewire ? MacBookPro 4.

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Presonus Studio One Pro 2. Most laptops I've seen have the smaller, more square FireWire port. You just need an adapter cable. But getting the right one can be hard. MacBook Pro OS X Mavericks - version This is it. Just as he said a Firewire to Firewire cable from the looks of your picture. Make sure it's bi-lingual or so the other guys say. I think it's because the SL's send and recieve digital audio.

Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter Unboxing and Demo

Windows 7 64bit Pro, Studio One 2. I went to Best Buy and got a firewire cable one end had an adapter.

Rocketfish - FireWire 800 9-Pin-to-4-Pin Cable - Multi

But when I plugged it into the back of the mixer it stuck out a little more that I would have liked and did not seem secure. So I will look for another one. Given that some new MacBook systems do not have FireWire, people with older systems who have purchased one of these new MacBooks might benefit from using an adapter to mount the new system's drive on the older computer.

In addition, some people have wondered about using the adapter to allow systems with FireWire to use various Thunderbolt-based devices such as RAID arrays and even some new docking stations that are becoming available. While these ideas seem reasonable and would be nice to have, unfortunately they cannot be done.

The Thunderbolt adapter is a unidirectional bridge from Thunderbolt to FireWire that requires a computer host with software drivers to interface with the controller it contains.

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Inverting it and attempting the connection in the opposite direction will not work. Since Thunderbolt devices have a Thunderbolt connection and controller in them, if you attach the adapter to them they will likely detect the presence of it in one way or another; however, they will have no means of using it since the RAID array does not have the appropriate drivers to interface its services with FireWire. In the case of using Target Disk mode between computers, a similar restriction is also present.

The adapter will work in Target Disk Mode; however, it will only do so if first plugged into the system before invoking target disk mode so it can be initialized by the firmware. In both situations, the FireWire protocol cannot host a Thunderbolt device, so attaching the Thunderbolt adapter to a non-Thunderbolt Mac through its FireWire connection will not provide that Mac with Thunderbolt capabilities.

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