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Plug your video camera into your computer, unless you have an iSight camera built into your computer.

Open the Photo Booth application on your Mac, since this application is only found on Apple computers. Turn your video camera to standby. View yourself on the computer screen. Avoid taking pictures with you looking up or down at your camera. You want to look directly at the camera. Frame the shot so you see mostly your face and the top of your chest. Be sure Photo Booth has no effects clicked on. Choose the center button in Effects.

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Press the Shutter Button when you are ready. The application has a 3 second countdown before flashing and taking the photo. Hold your facial expression for the shot. Try different sides of your face and different expressions. Change your shirt or top for a new set of photos. Change your hair or makeup if needed. Press the shutter button when you are ready. Take as many photos as you want. Open up your iPhoto application to view your photos. Photo Booth automatically saves your photos into your Pictures file.

Click on the "File" tab in iPhoto. Press "Import to Library," which automatically opens the Pictures file.

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Does your photo have shadows? Take 1 step AWAY from the wall. Avoid bright lights directly in front of you. Ask a friend to take your photo using the back camera selfies are often lower in quality. Just look straight and do not smile a neutral expression is best. Email address:.


I ended up giving it a try. I used to big white blanket and had all of my children and husband sit outside to get a clear pic. You must take off all accessories and make sure there are no shadows. The white background looks a little off-white but they were still OK. I submitted all six and got the family our passports in two weeks. No issues. I will use again.