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Depends on the Plustek scanner you have. Originally posted 98 months ago. I use Image Scan on my Linux box. For much less then the cost of your digital 5d and macro lens I can get a new hot off the press MF dedicated scanner and not waste any of my precious time with a digital DSLR : www. Bad news for the original poster - Plustek scanner will not work with Vuescan in MacOS Lion, their support insists on using the yet-unreleased version of Silverfast 8.

The Plustek drivers are built-into the silver fast. You can't use Vuescan, it says scanner driver not found. You can read the note here: www. When i let Vuescan do a batch scan with nothing selected or done to enhance the photo all shadows get blocked and shift to blue when the slide show detail in it. Silverfast works better for me, but has no support for my Minolta Dual II scanner. Image Scan works well from memory, but I haven't used it for a while.

It definitely hooks through SANE though, so if it won't work through that, you've had it. The actual physical process of scanning isn't the only issue, but there are two we ran into frequently when experimenting with the technique you describe. The first is that image format can be a real problem. If your DSLR is 35mm-equivalent, 'scanning' 35mm negs is a piece of cake, but other formats suffer. Forget it. And that's using a mounted camera to get it as steady and as well-lit as possible. The second is that in my work archaeology , I frequently encounter images which need to be sent to someone at a resolution higher than the average DSLR provides, typically for scientific publications.

Numerous publishers have sent back files at the resolution you mention saying that it just isn't high enough standard for their printers. They're happy with computer-generated images from analyses in any format, but not with photos for some reason I think it is a really useful technique you describe for getting stuff on screen. We did something last summer to quickly transfer a ton of slides via email for viewing online, and we did abut three carousels in a day. I dread to think what that would have taken using the scanners we have.

So I wouldn't exactly call is wasting life. If you want to get images only ever to be looked at on a monitor, it works brilliantly. But if work revolves around getting high-quality images from film, scanning via a conventional scanner is still the best way to go if you're using film. But I apologize to everyone but simon meisinger as I have strayed from the topic at hand. I know its not a rocket science. I've read the manual although found it very confusing. I feel comfortable using photoshop, raw photo processor, lightroom, camera raw and raw therapee, even bibble, and find Vuescan confusing.

I would not mind doing all the processing of the scan in the software that I know how to use. Kinda like a raw file on the digital camera, that can be adjusted with any other software piece So the drivers for Plustek on macs are in Silverfast? Silverfast didn't work on my Snow Leopard machine, but VueScan works I have heard all the things about Silverfast support and decided to not even bother contacting them about the issue.

What I was talking about is a simple software to get the straight out of scanner TIFF file, without any corrections, and ability to preview different exposure values, and use multiexposure when I manually change the exposure values in VueScan it doesn't show any difference I use Ubuntu but hadn't looked at scanning software for a couple of years as none of my scanners ever seemed to work. Having looked at this thread I did a google search for my scanner, an Epson V Photo and downloaded the appropriate free software from www. It seems to be comparable to what I can get using the default software under Windows.

The windows version of a 35mm negative scan, I think I cropped and tweaked this with the Gimp. No other tweaking done.

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For years I had an Epson Perfection with which I achieved reasonable results. Last year I passed it onto my son and bought a V Firstly I tried Vuescan, as that is what I had had to use with the and Vista. Still clunky. Then I tried Silverfast SE 6. Very unintuitive. Turning to the scanner's EpsonScan software - what a relief. Basically I just run it in default mode and the results just need a few tweaks in LR4.

Colour - default settings Rolleicord Vb, Portra Is this all done by eye on a calibrated screen or is there another trick? How is this done with vuescan? Oh, now I read it's not as simple as suggested. Vuescan gives terrible colours. Colour negative film. Portra The epson scan and Silverfast scans below were on auto.

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The Vuescan scan took an immense amount of time. None are sharpend. Like Keith, my conclusion is get as much info as possible with Epson scan on auto. Make sure no clipping. Let the scanning software invert the image. Refine in Photoprocessing software. I take a preview involving the interborder space then lock exposure, preview then lock film base, preview then lock image color. The preview frame is then expanded to full frame size to prescan the desired frame. More or less this routine but with Vuescan set to colourneg. You can post now and register later.

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Posted November 11, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Hallo, Look here: Interesting Leica gear. Posted November 13, edited. It work's great! Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Edited November 13, by jip. Posted November 13, I have the Nikon with the Nikon software. I have used the nikon software as well, I find Vuescan better. Have your scan do a HDR scan or multisexposure scan! Posted November 14, edited. Posted November 17, Software does not control the quality of the scan, that is built into the scanner.

All you really want to do is get a scan with correct WB if color etc. And I have written this up about times. It is all somewhere in cyberspace. Keith M. Posted November 18, Note, I just bought a license for your fabulous tool!!! Wonderful and caring work done by you. Hi,there is also a Digitaliza film scanning mask for 35mm film. There are a number of exciting film scanning masks coming real soon, like the pixl-latr and the Negative Supply MK1. Negative Lab Pro sounds like a great tool. Is there any chance you could make Negative Lab Pro as a standalone app or even as a plugin for software like Affinity Photo?

The issue with making something standalone is that I would need to recreate the wheel in terms of building a RAW photo processor, a GUI, digital asset management, etc… it would be very challenging to get the basics of it as good as Lightroom which has a massive development team and spends millions on development. Thanks for this article. Question : to scan 35mm, would the canon FD 50mm f3. Thank you for all this fantastic info. At the moment my biggest obstacle is getting the tonality and depth of detail of Kodachrome visible with the naked eye all into one digital photo with as little post-processing as possible.

I was wondering whether your presets work for positive film at all or if you have any suggestions as to how best to achieve the desired results. Hey thanks for taking the time to write all this up. Are you photographing the emulsion side of the film?

Fstoppers Reviews VueScan 9 Scanning Software

Obviously it would add some annoying elements to the workflow but I wonder if it would take advantage of some of the gains in wet mount flatbed scanning, like flat negatives, disguising dust and scratches etc. I have a kit from aztec that included kami fluid and optical mylar along with the Epson V wetmount kit. It is a bit of work for setup, but there is definitely improvement in flatness and minimizing dust and scratches. Looking forward to purchasing Negative Lab Pro! Thank You. I reviewed your piece, purchased the negative film holder you recommended, the lightbox and I purchased Lightroom 6 and Negative Pro.

Also, I could not find any updates to 6. Can you help me? I think you should be able to use the downloads in this link to update to 6. Thank you very much Mr. Not only did they load but I was able to pull up my Negative Pro plug-in and convert the files to positive and make some minor adjustments. I am positively stoked.

On the Lightroom update, I did download the file from the link you provided. It looks like the complete Lightroom 6 program. Since I already have the Lightroom 6 software loaded on my Mac, will this impact what I already have? Write your message here Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Close Search. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest.

Sounds great and easy. Jon Haverstick. October 2, Reply to this comment. October 12, Reply to this comment. October 14, Reply to this comment. October 29, Reply to this comment. November 29, Reply to this comment. November 30, Reply to this comment. Eric Steelberg.

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So when will it be available? October 18, Reply to this comment. Daniel Leventhal. Daniel October 27, Reply to this comment. Hi Nate, for the flatbed scanners guys Epson v in my case do you have any tips? November 6, Reply to this comment. Will it work with Lightroom 5? November 22, Reply to this comment. No, sorry. Needs at least Lightroom 6. November 23, Reply to this comment.

Maxime Fardeau. December 19, Reply to this comment.

How to Scan Your Entire Photo Collection in Half the Time

December 24, Reply to this comment. January 22, Reply to this comment. March 17, Reply to this comment. February 14, Reply to this comment. March 2, Reply to this comment. March 7, Reply to this comment. March 19, Reply to this comment. March 27, Reply to this comment. Thank you very much sir. Hope that helps! April 23, Reply to this comment. Couple questions please. One short ps, Nate.

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April 29, Reply to this comment. Hi Morris! April 30, Reply to this comment. Ok, thanks Nate. May 3, Reply to this comment. Many thanks in advance for your answers. Dominique April 30, Reply to this comment. Hi Dominique! So… definitely more to come for scanners out there! Hi Nate, Many thanks for your quick and very detailled answer! I will look after the new pre-release version on FB and will definitively try it! Dominique May 1, Reply to this comment. Hey man would I be able to get good scans with the Fuji 35mm 1.

Or do realy need a macro lens? May 9, Reply to this comment. May 28, Reply to this comment. Hi, I like the look of this plugin — something which has stopped me shooting negative film again is the lack of proper colour profiling in a RAW workflow. May 15, Reply to this comment. May 21, Reply to this comment. May 26, Reply to this comment. Wonderful, glad to hear that! June 24, Reply to this comment. June 7, Reply to this comment.

Hello Nate, Negative Lab Pro sounds like a great tool. Hello, Thanks for this article. Julien June 28, Reply to this comment.