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Got the install started today by the way. It is unbelievably slow so far. I would hope JIT would get it from unusable to annoyingly slow at least.

Qemu-ppc: testing OS X 10.3 Panther at 1920x1080x32

Like that guy who got win95 running on the apple watch I went in what appears to be the totally wrong direction and all I know right now is 3c59x module doesn't exist and the networking instructions are not satisfactory for a first timer with very little understanding of how a VPN tunnel works on Linux. If someone wants to read and break it down to stupid level that would be awesome but for now I have a large headache and feel rather discouraged.

The good news is if I feel suicidal enough to try again I can log and post all the dependencies I had to go find that weren't mentioned in the PearPC build instructions. Jump to.

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This was dropped in Lion though. If you really do need a PowerPC machine, for dedicated work, I would personally buy a used older machine from ebay, which would be rather inexpensive depending on what kind of power you need. Sheepshaver is another emulator for PPC chips. The default big-endian behavior and run-time switching make a true emulator both slow and tricky to implement.

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