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Hold "Ctrl" when right-clicking to target objects hidden behind buildings or alternates. Hold "Shift" when clicking the Idle Villager button to find idle military units.

Age of Empires 2 for Mac OSX

Hold "Ctrl" when buying or selling at the market for resources per click. The mouse wheel activates manual gate rotation mode without affecting hotkeys. Set language id to override the extended help textbox height for mods. Set language id to override the statistics headers with 4 tab-delimited lines.

Multiplayer Updates New low-delay multiplayer closer to single player for low ping games. Improved starting framerate not 10fps for the first 30 seconds. Improved mouse refresh rate for multiplayer games for smoother movement. All save commands are now restricted by the pause counter and a timer. The multiplayer setup screen now updates in the background. Multiplayer gameplay now operates in Background: View Lock by default. Messages on the multiplayer setup screen now alternate shades of grey. Player changes caused by coop colors now alert with a message.

Notifications are sent when a player switches away from the game. The setup screen preserves the last hosted game type except scenarios. Spectator and Rec Updates New unit spy mode with dark fog to indicate unexplored tiles All Visible checkbox. Hold "Shift" when using the player name dropdown list to switch without changing view. Hold "Shift" when clicking another player's object to switch without changing view. Hold "Shift" when clicking the Flare button to enable wall scanning.

The random map seed is now displayed on the Objectives window. The name dropdown list now renders text with player colors. The actual Sx maximum will now be shown at the game clock. The last IP address is now pre-filled in the spectator client. Configurable late-join time limit from the spectator client. Several new direct unit control command actions have been added for precision micro.

Over 50 new object data sources have been added to provide more information to AIs.

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New strategic numbers for controlling villager garrison, trade evasion, and construction. AIs will now be able to precisely place walls and other buildings. AIs now have elevation awareness and can perform sub-tile unit micro. AIs can now see and respond to chat messages by player name or color. Please see the reference guide and UserPatchConst. New ZR MapName. Multiple wall lines can now be placed at different distances around the player land. P after the map name in Objectives.

C after the map name in Objectives. G after the map name in Objectives, along with other information. In multiplayer, players are alerted by! Fixed Positions,! Custom Scenario, or!

Guard details. Please see Reference. Please see AcropolisN. Added all values to the Tribute effect and Accumulate Attribute condition dropdowns. Fixed crash that would occur by the removal of many objects on a tile due to a terrain change. Fixed issue that would cause houses to change graphics when switching to testing. The rotation of resource objects forage, etc.

The map copy mouse region will now properly reflect the actual size of the copied area. The double negative object ungarrison trick now has a special exception to work despite a bug fix. Appending to an effect's selected units by holding shift while box-selecting new units now works. Selected units from different effects are no longer shown as combined when switching effects. Select up to Elevation 11 instead of 7 avoid high elevation at the map edge for visibility. Random Percent condition: set Quantity from ; negate it to disable the trigger after one test.

Teleport effect: move a unit directly using the Task Object effect with Number set to 1.

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Volume effect: adjust volume using the Play Sound effect with Number set from or 9 to stop. Execute custom tech effect commands with "up-effect" see CustomScenario. Modify specific, per-object, non-global attributes with "up-attribute" see CustomScenario. Force unique tech buttons to appear using the Research Technology effect with Number set to 5. Techs forced in this way must be researched before another action restores the tech tree.

Extended Research Technology effects will now update affected building buttons while selected. Katana View Profile View Posts. I just need to know if it will work because a friend of mine has a Mac and wants to get it but theres no point getting it if it doesn't work for Mac. Nope -Edit- This is a windows game, therfore if you have windows boot camp you can play it. I did that for a while and then jsut bought Windows computers for all my games. Last edited by RagingWaffleBot ; 3 Sep, am. Silly View Profile View Posts.

Yes it works, I play on mac. No idea why the cmd-tab fixes it but it does. My friend plays it in a virtual machine and it's fine. SweetVelvet -2 points. Swordplay 0 point. Hold on, doesn't Microsoft still own the rights to this? They just released an HD edition on steam! Chris 4 points. Jurisdudence -7 points Mac version. Ando 1 point Mac version.

Yeah this doesnt work - I tried using Stuffit and it wouldnt allow me to expand the file. I'm having the same issue. I try to open with Stuffit and it won't let me save it anywhere.

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Also, I've gone and downloaded Sheepshaver, is that what I'll need to play this if it ever works? Naco 1 point Mac version. When I try to open the file it says I "don't have permission to access folder", even if it's my regular applications folder. Chronicl3 -1 point Mac version. John 0 point Mac version. Trevor K -4 points Mac version. Share your gamer memories, give useful links or comment anything you'd like.

This game is no longer abandonware, we won't put it back online. Age of Empires II: Gold Edition is available a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware. You can read our online store guide. Some of these file may not be included in the game stores. List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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