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After installing, it will prompt you to log out and re-login.

Remember to do so. You may wish to do a reboot so that all the installed software will have its appropriate settings written into place.


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We will need to insert the Bios files into the correct folder. The bios file something that allows the the Playstation 2 the abiltiy to read and interprete the games. Create a new empty folder called Bios.

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Paste the individual Bios files into the empty Bios folder. Nvidia CG 3. Bios Files. Run XQuartz first. You will see nothing but a white prompt that looks like the white version of the Terminal. If you did that correctly, you will be able to choose between a few Bios Consoles.

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The reason for having a few Bios is because some games such as Dynasty Warriors have the Japanese version and the US version. You will need to swap to the respective Bios or the game may not work. It will be more convenient to copy and paste the games somewhere near the Bios folder for easy access.

how to download and configure pcsx2 on mac (works on lion)

Or you will need to navigate through the entire directory all the time. Enjoy the game.

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I admit that the game speed is not playable at all on my Hackintosh Mac. My Mac does not contain the true drivers from Nvdia and it is only a Core 2 duo. Republished by Blog Post Promoter. You must be logged in to post a comment Login.

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