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Here's how to get your Library back in the browser tab using Native Access:. Download Native Access. If you already have Native Access installed, opening the application will update the metadata for every Kontakt Player library. Restart Kontakt. If the problem persists, please contact Native Instruments registration support and provide them with further detail about the specific library that disappears and the steps to reproduce the disappearance. Native Instruments will then investigate and update the database as needed.

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Native Instruments help needed - Avid Pro Audio Community

If you're not using Native Access, here's the 'old fashioned' way of fixing this issue between Service Center and Kontakt pre-Native Access :. When you add a library, Kontakt should create an XML file that's used to ensure your library stays in Kontakt each time you open the Library Browser.

Registering and Installing a Native Instruments Product

Navigate to the following folder:. If you don't, download the files in the links below. Then copy the downloaded xml files to the directory listed above make sure to move the XMLs out of the provided folder that was created when you opened the zip, the XMLs should sit directly in the 'Service Center' folder. Last edited: Nov 1, There is no "preview Lib" in maschine factory library So i cant rescan. Last edited by a moderator: Nov 1, Funny x 2. A quick solution I found to be able to save the install files, is just to point the application location in Native Access preferences to a non-existent place, like a file path or network share that cannot be found.

Then the install fails and leaves each installer there in your downloads.

Uninstall Native Instruments Manually

Hate NA. Funny x 1.

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Native Access sucks big time. I'm still using the service center and will as long as possible.

Native Instruments Service center (busted???)

But we all know that n. And D-One , having a 4 step workaround for something that worked easily in the past isn't really progress i. Thats just forcing a half baked technology on paying customers. But NI will do what NI always does and gives a shiat about existing customers. Tomess , Nov 1, Like x 1.


Honestly why does it matter? I don't get why some people are so paranoid with their computers. I went into High Sierra the day of and everything functioned correctly. Worst comes to worst, you reboot into time maschine and go to a backup. Either way, I always stay updated on every piece of software I have and never run into compatibility problems.

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I also don't get the big deal about saving the install files? If you have multiple computers you can just start native access and redownload again. If you have a decent internet connection, leave it running and it will download all your content and install for you. Before Service Center was a mess. If you did a wipe on a computer you had to go back and find every single serial to every expansion. You could only do things one by one.


Installing your full NI list was a pain in the ass. I suggest some of you getting into the beta of NA. There are new things that might answer some of the issues you're having.