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Apex Legends (Xbox One, PS4, Windows)

Install Steam. Your Store. Store Home. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. New and Trending. Top Selling. What's Popular. Results exclude some products based on your preferences. Nudity , Indie , Casual , Adventure. Nudity , Sexual Content , Casual , Action. Action , Indie , Retro , First-Person.

Multiplayer , Survival , Underwater , Horror. Free to Play.

Top 10 free shooters you must play right now

Action , Co-op , Violent , Female Protagonist. Early Access , Action , Indie , Violent. Free To Play. Action , Adventure , First-Person , Retro. No results found.


List of Macintosh games - Wikipedia

Showing 1 - 15 of 39 results. Browse All New Releases. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Content Bundle. Gore , Co-op , Violent , Action. Survival , Shooter , Multiplayer , Battle Royale.

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I played the one called Cold War Crisis. It's a fun game, really realistic. Doubt anybody plays online. Anyways, thanks to the people for your posts. I'll look into some of those games.

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Well here's an outstanding 3rd person Shooter: Max Payne. Painkiller and Serious Sam are relatively new but are completely in spirit with the original Doom. Red Faction isn't really that good, but it was the first game with destructible enviroments : Slight correction it's Quake III Arena, apart from that - a perfect list. Red Faction isn't really that good, but it was the first game with destructible enviroments.

Driving the vehicles was fun, as well as throwing explosive packs onto the backs of enemies and watching them run around in a panic. Yeah, my finger got stuck. It's a great game.

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GTR2addict i kno its not old, but its single player is, at least, remarkable. GTR2addict Did you even read the title fo the thread?

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This is good OLD games. Doom and Red Faction. Oh, and Have you actually played Shootmania? It's a pretty bold statement to say only one person in the world likes a game.

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No Marathon love? What's so bad about it?