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Afterwards, a fresh installation of Eclipse should detect Java7 in your system and should work with this version out of the box. You can modify an installed Eclipse to use this installation by navigating in Eclipse to:. Source answer to I installed Java 7 but Eclipse keep saying that 1. But you don't need the JDK it's quite big. Either way you'll get the JVM. Try going to whatever part of the mac involves listing programs, and see if you can remove version 1. Sign up to join this community.

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The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is java virtual machine and what does it have to do with Java?

Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 5 months ago. Active 3 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 5k times. I was trying to install eclipse on my Macbook Air. Why is it so hard to find such a popular tool and where exactly should I go to download the JVM? It is Java In addition, fixing the error is even less obvious. What is the JVM? Those source files are then compiled into. The java launcher tool then runs your application with an instance of the Java Virtual Machine.

If you are just running Java programs the JRE is sufficient. If you are developing Java programs you should download the JDK. I installed the latest java from this page anyway but the message is still there A potential solution to your problem might be to uninstall Java6 provided by Apple itself and only have Java7 installed in your system. To verify, open another terminal and do a: java -version It should display something like "java version "1.

I tried those commands but they didn't work. After running the command which is supposed to uninstall java 1. At last, I install latest jdk from the oracle page and the version became 1. Running eclipse now. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Edited by Carlos Carlos view profile. Following the advice in a StackExchange answer , the way to do this is under OS X I'm using Mavericks, but it might work under previous releases as well :. Michael Michael view profile.

Worked for me! Jakob view profile. Vote 1.

Answer by Jakob Jakob view profile. To start Matlab without blurry fonts under OS Emilie Lindkvist Emilie Lindkvist view profile. Thank you. Vote 0. Answer by sinkyh sinkyh view profile. Edited by sinkyh sinkyh view profile. Is this solution still valid? I have installed the 1. However, running version -java in Matlab Ra returns the old 1. Java 1. Any suggestions? Or has this solution become not possible? Arturo view profile. Answer by Arturo Arturo view profile. I tried to put in the startup.

After rebboting, I still didn't get any result and I decided to directly set it from the prompt shell with :. However, after the reboot the above command returns a null result. Regards, Arturo. Kerri Keng Kerri Keng view profile.

Mac OS X Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine

Andrew Fernandes view profile. Answer by Andrew Fernandes Andrew Fernandes view profile. On Mac OS Mine has. I develop native Mac GUI apps for a living, and can verify that all processes properly inherit these environment variables. I've tested it. Unfortunately, I have many native java apps on my system, and they all work with this environment setup Starting Matlab a:. Failed to create resources from application bundle.

Using Java-based resources. From the command-line or any GUI app :. Malcolm Lidierth Malcolm Lidierth view profile. Alex view profile. Answer by Alex Alex view profile.

Mac OS X Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine - Code2care

Hi everyone. A few questions:. I realize this is most likely a stupid question but just double checking. I just installed matlab b, and this is the error I am getting:. Clearly, Matlab is looking in the wrong place, because my Java 32 bit is actually installed in Program Files x But if Matlab ships with its own Java, how do I make it use its own instead? Ingrid Tigges Ingrid Tigges view profile.

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Did you get the error message the first time you started Rb? It might be worth contacting technical support. Just to add to this, after using the stock java for a while I noticed frequent 'beach balling' in OS X when zooming in figures. So it seems like the option here is to have sharp fonts you know, like it's the XXI century or having non-freezing program. It's just amazing that after all these months Mathworks hasn't ported the java fixes back to their version and released a fix. Rasmus Ischebeck view profile. Answer by Rasmus Ischebeck Rasmus Ischebeck view profile.

I have Java 1. Since none of the solutions described here worked for me, I did the following:. I edited the file. Note the backslash to make the space in the folder name work. Quotes in this file do not seem to do the job. I am using Lucida Sans Typewriter 9 point, and it renders beautifully with full resolution on the retina display.

This did not work for me. The backslash does not seem to fix the folder name's space. Now Ra opens from the mac finder. Warren view profile. Answer by Warren Warren view profile. Hi All,. After trying every available fix out there for this issue with no success, I think I came up with a very good answer for someone who likes to avoid the terminal like me. It goes as follows:. Hope this helps, I am a novice when it comes to using the terminal, so to fix this problem by just copy-pasting seems much simpler. This worked, but I had to modify the process a little.

Copy the contents of this folder into:. This worked for me. Here is the sequence of shell commands that I used.