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In the Full Name field, enter the name you want to appear in your calendar entries.

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In the Password field, enter the password you use with your USC email address. Click Create. Calendar should find and automatically configure your account.

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The Account Summary dialog box will appear. Can I sync Facebook events with BusyCal? How do I add Google resources as locations in BusyCal? How can I change the colors in BusyCal?

Why do I see a "There is no application set" error in BusyContacts? What email apps is BusyCal compatible with? How can I change the colors in BusyContacts? How do I merge multiple calendars into a single calendar in BusyCal? How do I clean up duplicate contacts in BusyContacts? Does BusyCal support syncing with other apps, such as Omnifocus and 2Do? Does BusyContacts support Bulk Editing? Does BusyContacts support printing the phone list? Will BusyTodo be updated for iOS? What email apps is BusyContacts compatible with? Any plans for a Windows OS version?

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BusyCal 1. So my calendar works in my phone and my iPad, but now my Mac Pro and Macbook have the same issue since upgrading to El Capitan. Oct 18, PM. Same problem here. I noticed that when I set the Exchange account up it forces the User Name to be the portion of the email address prior to the symbol. However, that is not the same as my actual user name. There does not seem to be any way to change the User Name. It is fixed.


Mail works fine. I am running OS X Exchange server is up to date.

Syncing iCloud contacts and calendars in Windows 10

Oct 22, AM. Oct 22, AM in response to thecarusogroup In response to thecarusogroup. I have had issues with Outlook but after working this issue for a while I have determined the following:. Exchange server with Outlook is working fine. You may have to delete your account in Outlook and reset-up the account - I would use the automatic method where you just enter your email and name and it sets up the account for you with the exchange server.

Exchange and up will use a setting that downloads everything from the server - that seems to work fine. Outlook will not sync with "On My Computer" - it will not sync your local contacts and calendar from Outlook with your Calendar and Contacts Apple apps. These apps will pick-up from the Exchange Server if you have them enabled and setup, but Sync Services which is a Microsoft "MS" sub-routine that runs under Outlook is no longer working with the Apple Apps. Some people say it was not working with Yosemite, but I was using it with Yosemite just fine, but with El Capitan the ties are cut and it doesn't appear that anyone is going to fix it.

They say that Apple and MS are talking, but I think they're mainly talking about Office which currently doesn't work with El Capitan. Messages runs off of the files in Contacts - so since Contacts won't sync with Outlook except from Exchange Server, that means that the Contacts that would be required for Messages to have the full information from Contacts will have to come from Exchange Server which is syncing with your Outlook contacts.

If that isn't working for some reason then you Messages will simply show a phone number or email where the message originated. So IMAP or POP accounts you have on your Outlook won't sync with these other applications unless you make an effort to ensure that all your contacts and calendar items are setup on the Exchange Server portion of Outlook - if they're setup in "On My Computer" as local files they won't sync - Sync Services in Outlook is running and it's trying to sync, as I have confirmed that using Activity Monitor , but it just isn't connecting to Apple Contacts and Calendar anymore.

Apple has essentially said, 'We're not playing" and there is nothing that MS can do to fix that. I don't use Outlook at all. I only use Calendar, Mail and Contacts. They reach back through an Exchange Server that serves a very large institution. I've never used Outlook in this set up and have never had a problem before this upgrade. Mail and Contacts are working just fine. Messages works just fine.

Can you sync Outlook for Mac calendar with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

Only Calendar is having this problem. I see an Exchange symbol in the list of calendars on the side bar, but it has no check mark box under it and no actual calendars are appearing. When I check settings the user name is incorrect, but it can not be altered. It is defaulting to whatever is in front of the symbol in my email. That is not what we use here. I have not seen this before. It seems your know a lot about the issue as pertains to Outlook, but since I don't even have Outlook on this Mac, it doesn't help me. Oct 22, PM. Oct 22, PM in response to thecarusogroup In response to thecarusogroup.

I was able to get my calendar to sync with Exchange after upgrading to El Capitan. I had done a number of things including:. Somewhere along that line my Exchange account reloaded the calendar database and starting working. I'll try these again. I had not yet deleted everything in the Calendar folder in the User Library, but had done all the rest.

Let me start over and include that step.