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Intego Mac Internet Security does an excellent job detecting and protecting against Mac threats including viruses, Trojans and ransomware. Along with ContentBarrier, the program that protects against malware, Intego Mac Internet Security also comes with NetBarrier, a personal firewall that secures your computer against anyone trying to steal your internet which slows down your speeds.

We know many Mac users look at Sophos Home as a cost-effective solution since its basic program is free. It only detected 78 percent of the threats we unleashed during testing, and a few threats we had to manually remove after following the online instructions from Sophos. But these instructions included disabling the automatic virus protection, which triggered Sophos to reboot. Ultimately, we gave up, uninstalled Sophos and installed another program to find and scrub our Mac clean of threats. Sophos did a good job of identifying and blocking Windows malware on our Mac machines.

The short answer is, yes, you do need antivirus software for your Mac. While Macs are less susceptible to viruses thank Windows computers, Macs are still at risk. We conduct our own in-house tests using of the nastiest Mac malware to find the antivirus programs that protect Macs best. These threats were tucked inside a zipped file that, when opened, downloaded the files and let them loose. We looked at which point each virus scanner picked up the threats, including Trojans and ransomware, and if the program automatically removed them or placed them in a quarantine folder for us to take care of later.

Most of the Mac antivirus programs caught the threats as the files opened and deleted them immediately. Some programs moved each threat into the quarantine folder while others quarantined just those threats that were created to look like legitimate programs. This gave us a good idea of how well the programs protect Mac computers. During virus scans we perform common tasks, such as sending email, browsing the web, watching movies and playing online games and look for any lag, buffering or slowdown that may be caused by the antivirus software.

While testing we look for how easy the program is to download, install, set up and use. Because the most important function of antivirus for Mac is protecting against malware, Top Ten Reviews invests considerable time testing each program using live threats, so we can tell you exactly how the program works and how well it detects and blocks malware.

After protection, the biggest differences among Mac antivirus solutions are security features. Detection features are where and what the antivirus program scans on your computer. All of the leading programs scan USB drives and incoming email. Some Mac antivirus software includes a system vulnerability scan that looks for weak points in your computer, typically out-of-date software, and prompts you to install the latest version to strengthen those points.

The Best Mac Cleaner Software of Unbiased Reviews

Programs such as Bitdefender present you with a legitimate link where you can download newer software rather than chance downloading a malicious link. Extra security tools include parental controls that let you set up time limits or block family members from accessing dangerous websites. Password managers shield your username and password from key loggers as you log into email, bank accounts and social media pages.

And safe banking tools protect you from identity thieves as you bank and shop online. The hardest part of cleaning a threat from a Mac computer is finding what the malware is called and where it is hiding, especially since there are sophisticated viruses that look and function like a legitimate app. There are sites that list common Mac malware and where they can be found using the Activity Monitor on your iOS. Once the threat is located, the next step is to stop the malicious application from running and quickly move it to the trash bin.

This will keep the program from restarting. When you empty the trash bin these files will be permanently removed. On top of that, because Mac antivirus programs are paid for through a yearly subscription, you can keep the program installed and use it to prevent a malware attack in the future.

Best for multiple devices: Norton Security Standard. Best Overall Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is our top pick because it effectively protects against Mac malware and automatically removes most threats. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac Blocked 99 percent of the live threats we used and scrubbed most of them from our system automatically. Reasons to Buy Protects from both Mac and Windows malware.

Reasons to Avoid Tricky to set up and use. Reasons to Buy Free for most users. Reasons to Avoid In-program ads. The number may not look exciting — but considering this is a random test, I was quite happy with the results I got. Previously, I tested an earlier version of the app and wrote a review based on my findings.

That was a little over half a year ago. The price on their site is the same as on App Store. The support for both CleanMyMac and Gemini are also amazing. MacPaw, the developer of these apps, offers a number of ways to take customer queries including email, phone calls, and social media channels. The app includes every feature a cleaner app has to offer, plus additional protection against viruses and malware which helps protect your investment from any threat.

Do Macs also get viruses? The answer is yes, even if Apple says otherwise watch this old Apple commercial ad. You can read about several examples of Mac malware compiled in Macworld. Just a couple weeks ago, I chose to update my MacBook Pro to the latest You can read more details in this 9to5mac post. Although Apple quickly responded to this issue and launched a supplemental update for High Sierra, their once bulletproof reputation has yet to recover.

Drive Genius was originally developed to keep your Mac hard drive clean and safe from disk errors. The newest edition, 5, has added a comprehensive feature called Malware Scan, part of the automated DrivePulse utility which monitors your Mac for potential issues and viruses. On its main screen, you can get an idea of what the app offers.

You can also read our full review of Drive Genius here. To clean and speed up your Mac, Drive Genius provides several tools.

The Best Mac Cleaner Software

It can give a helpful speed boost, as my teammate Adrian Try pointed out in his reviews. They also have lots of useful documentation to help users learn how to properly handle Drive Genius and tackle macOS related problems. The latest version of Drive Genius is fully compatible macOS Cleaner is a product developed by Trend Micro, an enterprise cybersecurity solution provider most famous for its anti-malware and application control software. The app caught my attention while I was testing Dr. Cleaner has a free version that allows you to clean your disk e.

The professional version, called Dr. Cleaner Menu see above , a mini app that shows up on Mac menu bar once you install Dr.

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But I find the Dr. Cleaner is free to get from the Mac App Store. The app requires OS X Trend Micro offers customer support for the app. You can read more from my Dr. Cleaner review here. Get Dr. Cleaner Mac App Store. The app looks attractive and is simple to use, as you can see from its main navigation panel on the left part of the main interface.

Like other cleaning apps, MacClean has a number of tools for the job as you can see from this screenshot. Version 3. Most scans were quite fast, usually completed in seconds — very helpful, as Adrian said. We gave it a 4-star rating in both Effectiveness and Support they were responsive via email tickets.

The latest version, 3. A scanning result of DaisyDisk 4. A quick scan showed me that GB had been used. The funnest part is that DaisyDisk shows those files in a sunburst diagram. You can then move the unneeded files to the collector located on the bottom left corner , or directly drag and drop them there. Unfortunately, deleting files or applications from the collector is restricted in the free trial as you can see from this popup warning. The DaisyDisk app was reviewed and covered by 9to5mac , MacRumors , and a few other prestigious magazines.

I especially liked and appreciated the design of the app, which gives me a different and cool feeling. Just save two cups of coffee per month and you get this beautiful app — totally worth it. For example, when I select Documents, macOS automatically sorts them based on size from big to small. I can then remove those old large files to free up some space. It requires OS X Main interface of IObit MacBooster, version 5. All of those features are categorized into four main modules as you can see from the main interface above: System Risks, Cleaner, Booster, and Tools.

The program looks attractive, with three main dashboards clearly laid out in the center, resembling a car dashboard. A closer examination revealed that most of those issues were privacy data e. I regard those as a false report. Photo Sweeper is most useful for those who are used to syncing photos across your mobile devices without cleaning them; you can use this feature to locate those duplicates or similar files and remove them safely.

This should help you free up a decent amount of storage considering these days digital assets are larger in size. In general, MacBooster is a nice app that aims to clean and speed up a Mac machine. Its features are a combination of what CleanMyMac and Gemini offer, and even go beyond. However, choosing the best Mac cleaner software is not simply a game of comparing the number of features. Personally, I still prefer the user experience of CleanMyMac and Gemini, and recommend them because they are more lightweight in nature, as well as the way MacPaw markets their products.

The app runs on Mac computers with OS X IObit offers support via email, and they have an active forum specifically dedicated to monitoring customer feedback. The Cleanup interface of MacFly Pro, version 1. MacFly Pro is a new player in the Mac cleaning app market. I installed and ran the app on my High Sierra-based Mac without any problem.

After a quick system scan, I was surprised to see that the app discovered 2. Out of the 2. Plus, the cost will add up quickly if you commit to its subscription-based pricing. CCleaner Free for macOS, version 1. The interface and feature set on both the Windows and macOS versions are almost the same, except that the Windows version has a registry cleaner feature.

You can use CCleaner to quickly remove your web browser cache files, history, cookies, etc. Another reason that might hold you back from considering CCleaner is the recent malware issue involved with the app. You can read more about that in this TechCrunch report ; I covered the issue here as well. OnyX version 3. OnyX — OnyX is a freeware app that gets lots of love in the Apple community. Its user interface looks quite different from the other apps reviewed here, with lots of checkboxes and buttons to click.

Just a side note: It definitely caught my nerve when my MacBook froze up for about ten seconds while the app verified my startup disk. AppCleaner version 3. AppCleaner — Like its name indicates, AppCleaner is a utility specially designed to help users clean unwanted apps and related files associated with those apps.

Pro tip: AppCleaner supports batch operations, meaning you can drag multiple unwanted apps and drop them into the main zone. I found this very efficient see the screenshot above : You first open AppCleaner and drag the app to the left part of your screen. Then, just open Applications and select those third-party apps you want to remove, and drag them into AppCleaner. The apps and their associated files will be removed immediately. A loading result in Disk Inventory X, version 1.

I almost gave up on Disk Inventory X because it took about five minutes to fully load the content on my startup disk with During this process, it seemed like the app would stay in the loading process forever. Luckily, the magical results showed up patience is a virtue :- and I was able to navigate through the treemap to see what kind of files are taking up disk space.

The main interface of Monolingual, version 1. Monolingual — This is an app for deleting unnecessary language files built into Apple macOS by default. By utilizing this app, you can free up several hundred megabytes, or a little over 1 gigabyte in space. Note: Monolingual auto-selects all other languages except the ones you regularly use like English. Monolingual requires a bit Intel-based Mac with macOS The main interface of dupeGuru for macOS, version 4.

As you see on the main screen below, it has three modes Standard, Music, and Picture for you to choose from depending on what kind of files you want to scan. For example, for Standard, you can scan by contents or by file names, whereas Music allows you to scan by tags as well.

I used it to check my Downloads and Desktop folders for duplicates. The scan process was very quick. The results were clearly displayed like a table, and from there I was able to easily identify which ones are copies, as they are marked in blue. Fair Disclosure : Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of them and decide to buy the app, I may get a commission at no additional cost to you. Hello JP, I really appreciate your review and have happily purchased through your affiliate link.

I am new user of mac pro laptop and senior citizen. I moved from win system which I now pretty good. There are few e excellent utilities for win systems and I am looking for comparable utilities for mac. Thanks JP! What a load of CRAP!! I once needed some assistnace from a Mac expert from Apple. Please be specific — why is it shit? I note that several other review sites rate CleanMyMac 3 highly top 5. Thank you very much for your comprehensive review of Mac cleaning tools. Trying to find the right program has been a challenge, but your research has made this far more navigable.

I truly appreciate you sharing your wisdom.

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The programs cleaned up junk I have been carrying around for a few years too many. I truly appreciate your diligence and approach to your research, and for sharing your results as well as your wise counsel. Your email address will not be published. Cleaning the macOS system will make your Mac machine run faster. You are relatively new to macOS and uncomfortable handling technical stuff, though you can definitely learn how to deal with the matter on your own.