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How To Setup Dual Monitors on Your Mac

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Connecting an Apple Monitor

They make it easier to use the docked panels by providing you with visual cues as you drag panels to rearrange them. As you drag a panel around the interface, a drop-zone overlay appears above the current panel group that your cursor is hovering over. Different sections of the drop zone become highlighted to show you what your new panel configuration will be. In addition to hiding, opening, docking, and undocking panels, the After Effects interface lets you easily resize docked panels so they take up more or less space on the display.

The cursor changes to a double arrow when it is hovering over the dividing line.

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Drag the dividing line down to shrink the Timeline panel and make the Composition panel larger. You can save modifications you make to a workspace and save them as a new, customized workspace. Custom workspaces allow you to show only the panels you require.

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  6. Here you will save a custom workspace. You now see the name Animation-Modified among the list of available workspaces. Additionally, you should note that it currently has a check mark next to it indicating that it is, in fact, the currently active workspace.

    @AdobeAE Adobe After Effects with Dual Monitors for Better Workflow

    When you create a custom workspace, you are actually modifying the configuration of the workspace you originally started with. For example, in the preceding lesson you started in the Animation workspace. After adding panels, removing panels, and saving the custom workspace, the initial workspace does not automatically reset back to its original appearance.

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    However, you can quickly return to the original workspace and reset it to its default configuration. Notice that it still looks exactly like the Animation-Modified workspace you created in the preceding part of the lesson.

    Maximizing AE to dual monitors : Adobe After Effects

    The reset command always resets the current workspace. In-person classes at our locations, online courses, or private training is available. Tutorials Category: After Effects Tutorials. These tutorials are created by Jennifer Smith and the team of expert instructors at American Graphics Institute. See our After Effects Classes and learn from the expert instructors at American Graphics Institute in small classes or through private training.

    Viewing and hiding panels

    See Courses. American Graphics Institute. Menu Search form Search. After Effects Tutorial: Understanding the workspace.

    Dual Screen Problem with Adobe After Effects

    Viewing and hiding panels To modify your workspace, you can open, hide, move, resize, float, or dock panels. You do not need to open a project to complete this section of the lesson. Docking and undocking panels After Effects panels are docked to the sides of the application window and also to each other. Dock the Align panel so that it rests above the Smoother panel. Using drop zones Drop zones are a unique feature of the After Effects panel interface.

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    Resizing panels In addition to hiding, opening, docking, and undocking panels, the After Effects interface lets you easily resize docked panels so they take up more or less space on the display. A double-arrow resize cursor appears between the panels enabling you to resize them. Resize the panels to make the Composition panel larger.