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We also use compressed air to clean all fans so it will run cool and extend its life. See below for details! Video Card. Hard Drive. Dymin Inventory ID: This Mac Pro was powered on and booted to a Lubuntu install disk where we gathered the specifications of the computer. Drives: No Hard Drive. This device has a fresh installation of OS X There are very heavy scratches and scuff marks. I upgraded the video card to a Radeon so I could upgrade to El Capitan.

I upgraded to the last El Capitan version that will work on the Pro 2. Nvidia GeForce GT The hard drive has been sanitized with fresh install of Scuffs and scratches from normal use and the case has significant scuffs and gouges. Processor CPU : 2x 2. Scuffs and scratches from normal use. There is no wireless wifi but the unit does have bluetooth. We will resolve the problem directly with you. Colindale Rabbit LTD. Processor 2 x 2. Apple Mac Pro 8-core 2. Mac OS X Lion is installed on.

This Mac Pro is in great functional.

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Price reduced! Fully Tested. Processor Dual Xeon X 3. Apple Mac Pro 3.

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Apple Product. Expansion includes two external 5. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3. Hot this week in Mac Pro 8 Core. Make an Offer. Make Offer - Mac Pro 3. Early Mac Pro 2.

Make Offer - Early Mac Pro 2. What are the benefits of a Mac Pro desktop? The following are some of the benefits of owning a Mac Pro 8 Core: Temperature - Desktops towers have room for multiple fans, meaning you can run the computer for a long time without it overheating. Battery - Because desktops are meant to be sedentary, there is no need for a battery. You can leave it on without the risk of it dying, causing you to lose valuable information. Repairs - Desktops are bigger, making them easier and less costly to repair.

Upgrades - Upgrades are easy to do on a desktop computer. Screen Size - Desktop computers are great for graphic designers because they have large screens. What hard drive options are available? Do they come with Mac iOS? Content provided for informational purposes only. Shop by Category. Release Year see all. Processor Type see all. Intel Xeon.

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Cinebench was 28 percent faster on the eight-core system. With many programs, though, having fewer but faster processors was preferable, which gave the quad core 2. Even our Compressor test showed the quad core Mac Pro to be 4 percent faster. Comparing the new 2. Times for the new eight-core system were faster performance across the board, again with the biggest gain coming in our graphics tests.

Comparing the new quad-core 2. The iMac finished the compressor test a little less than 3 percent faster than the quad core Mac Pro and was 11 percent faster at the iTunes encoding tests. How we tested. Speedmark 6 scores are relative to those of a 2. Call of Duty score is in frames per second higher is better. MathematicaMark is a performance score higher is better.

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All others are in minutes:seconds lower is better. In iMovie '09, we imported a camera archive and exported it to iTunes using the Mobile Devices setting. We ran a Timedemo at by with 4X anti-aliasing on in Call of Duty 4. The Photoshop Suite test is a set of 14 scripted tasks using a 50MB file. Photoshop's memory was set to 70 percent and History was set to Minimum. We used Compressor to encode a.

The Hardware

We ripped a DVD chapter to the hard drive. My coworker has a 2. We are running Mountain Lion on both Mac Pro's. It could be as simple as the application you used to test had a resource constraint other than CPU that prevented it from saturating the CPUs.

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For example, perhaps handbrake was limited in how quickly it could stream data to or from disk. That would limit how much work the CPUs could be given to do. Given that your CPUs will be faster and more plentiful than the older Mac, it isn't a surprised to not saturate the CPUs with the same workload. Without analysis, I don't know what would prevent the CPUs from being the bottleneck.

Here is a quick test you can use to give the system independent tasks. Open terminal and run the following command. Change the 8 to double the number of CPU cores you have. Running that was enough to keep my CPU busy for seconds. I have a quad core i7 macbook pro.