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Driver is a computer software program to allow another program often an operating system to interact with a device. In general, each device has its own driver. Simplistically, a printer driver is software that tells the computer how to use the printer. For further information please read our Problems downloading?

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Konica Minolta universal print driver - Printix Administrator Manual - 1

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N binary trading. Konica Minolta C Pcl 5c Driver Without driver, the printer or the graphics card for example might not be used. Customer Resources Information to help you get the most out of your technology investment. Advanced Integration Solutions, apps and technology at your fingertips. Where To Buy Purchase printers directly from us or access our network of sales offices, dealers and authorized resellers. Contact Us. We are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate customer care experience.

Account Self Service. Technical Support. Customer Resources. Otherwise, Papercut has been rock solid for us. Thank you PDL for letting me know. I was hoping to hear that. Are you using the integrated scanning feature as well or the embedded scanning features on the MFD?

We use the scan-to-email and scan-to-file on the Xerox's.

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Now, Papercut has nothing to do with those functions; that is all Xerox. The HPs are all straight-up printers. Thanks PDL. I've been considering doing that, but currently using the papercut embedded scanning. Being that you are in a mixed environment, do you have separate virtual queues for your models or do you not use follow me printing?

Konica Minolta Bizhub 163 Driver

I've seen some people push direct print queues for labs with loop-back processing which is an idea. But that does not help the printers in the general areas and for users with laptops who travel between buildings often. We do not use virtual queues or follow me printing. We use straight-up server queues. We did also have Chrome and email-to-print turned on all from the Papercut server however, we are trying to decrease printing so we have been narrowing down printing options. I can echo PDL.

We do not print from Macs but a bulk of our print jobs come from Google Cloud Printer over Chromebooks and that works excellent, including the finishing. At a prior workplace we used Sharp copiers with PaperCut. I didn't have any issues with them either. Are your Macs and Linux machines printing through a web browser by a chance? If so, the Google Cloud Print option may work out for you. The Xerox copiers we use allows you to print from cloud storage services like Drive and OneDrive, which is another option. We use the virtual print queue with follow me printing. Single queue for all.

Are your buildings on the same network or connected by VPN?

Thanks for sharing your experience with PaperCut. Its sounding more like the wrong printers were picked in our environment. We install the printers directly on our macs right now from the Windows print server with lpd to allow for using advanced features such as stapling and hole punching. I thought about having virtual print queues for the different options such as hole punch and staple or staple or hole punch but then that got a little much so it was decided from above me to not split them out that way.

Buildings are all connected via fiber to core and then a remote office has a 1GB dedicated metro connecting the two locations. Everything is split out on different subnets numerous for each building except for the wireless, wireless all goes back as a single large subnet at this time will change eventually.

Universal Print Driver

From your previous posts, you're using two different models: do you have any smaller models anywhere else that use the follow me queue? I have some small single function lasers with release stations in some of the classrooms that seem to work off of the konica universal driver, but I was debating on using loopback processing and push that printer directly to the machines in the lab The driver issues with the Konica's have been taking up a lot of my time though.

The color being off is a major problem and also we have a select few printers that have tons of corrupt jobs on the PCL whereas other printers of the same model in the same virtual queue with the same drivers and settings will print the same thing just fine. Vendor reset the machines back to factory and after re configuring with PaperCut they still continue to have the same problems. I think my number 1 take away so far is don't use Konica Minolta's unless you're just making copies and faxing. We don't have PaperCut installed on them but all the fundamentals are there.

Granted they are not using the "FollowMe Print" feature. Anyway, the customers IT chose to install the "Universal" driver. For whatever reason it would not pull the added accessories. Had them load the actual PCL driver and the added accessories showed up.

It is still going through the "Universal" driver. I've some 70 Konica's and have been running Papercut since at least I use the PCL drivers specific for each family.

How to install print drivers on Konica copier (Mac)

The , , and being what I call a family. Same with the and s. I believe that the version I am running is 3. I do know that there is one driver that was installed by the vendor that was recalled after we tried it. That was bad. I don't run any Follow me print queues but did set it up once a few years back. I have no issues like you are reporting. No machines dropping off Papercut, we figured out a weird authentication issue where users all of a sudden got unexpected results.

I install all the accessories under the print driver, Configure, Obtain settings, Turn Auto off and click OK, then under device options pick your finisher and punch kit. Stapler is particular to the Finisher, so click on Finisher and then in the window below, Settings, pick your model, repeat for the punch kit. Thanks for the response.