Youtube videos running slow mac

Many of the Mac owners have faced this very common problem. Solution: In order to fix this common problem, you need to install the recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. For this you have to follow the following steps. A number of Mac owners are faced with this problem where their Mac screen comes up with a prompt suggesting unavailability of the video. It is no doubt confusing! How can a video just disappear from the system? However, there is an easy fix for this problem too!

You can enjoy your videos again. Resetting is the sure fix and causes no problem. Only the background is reset without disturbing any of your existing files. All your music, videos and documents remain intact and safe. You may only have to reset user name and password. So, try this solution for great video viewing and have fun!

Very often, folks are unable to run videos on Mac Safari while these videos played fine on other browsers. They complain that they are unable to run YouTube videos after they had updated Safari.

5 Things to Do When Firefox Runs Slow (But Other Browsers Run Fast)

The pages crash without any rhyme or reason. They feel greatly puzzled and tried various fixes. However, if you are facing the same trouble, here is a solution meant for this problem. If YouTube videos are not playing on Safari, try following the steps given below. Buffering is a very common irritation for many of the YouTube fans. As soon as you try to start a video file, it either does not load or loads very slowly.

The rotating circle is a common appearance on the screen. It continues to rotate for a long-long time and the screen ultimately goes blank.

Troubleshooting on YouTube not working on Mac (Mojave included)

At times the circle continues to rotate even after the bar will suggest complete loading. Confusing and irritating. Everyone wants an end to this problem. At this point, it would be useful to understand that YouTube transmission is compatible with some software while it is incompatible with others.

How to make YouTube load up faster on Mac

Hence, in order to have an uninterrupted smooth running of videos on YouTube, you should do the following. This is also a common complaint with people who are obsessed with YouTube videos. As soon as they start a video, it starts automatically but stops immediately.

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It probably happens due to the same reasons that cause slow down and buffering. However, Low Disc space, too many applications running at the same time, cluttered icons on desktop and Hard Drive failures can also be the reasons causing this problem. The possible cause for this problem might be lying on your browser, JavaScript, source video quality as well as browser cache.

Youtube TV is freezing in Chrome browser on desktop Mac.

There are several possible solutions to this problem as well:. Sometimes a black screen may pop up with the message that the YouTube videos cannot be displayed, it is often accompanied by some troubleshooting do- it — yourself steps to follow that often don't work. If so, here are two proven ways that will ensure that the YouTube videos will load without the black player or the black screen display appearing.

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Sometimes the audio of a YouTube video you are watching can't be found, due to it being embedded with music that has been copyrighted, but if this problem is prevalent in every video that you play, here is a trick that will work in no time. Desktop Products Resources Support Downloads. Learn More. Of all the suggestions from readers, this is by far the best for viewing YouTube. Thanks again! The video codec built into the Flash plugin is not optimized, thus hogging the CPU on fast Macs and producing choppy video on slow Macs.

Just pause the Flash video player in the browser and wait until the video has been downloaded completely. Then, open the temporary file in VLC. Usually this will be So the video will usually be decoded smoothly even if you do some other work on the machine in parallel.

Instead of waiting for the complete video to download, you can also immediately open the video in VLC, but this will sometimes lead to slightly choppy video playback as the machine needs to do both the downloading and the decoding in parallel. If you have opened multiple YouTube videos in the browser, the temporary files are called FlashTmp1, FlashTmp2, and so on.

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  8. If you close a browser window with a YouTube video, its temporary file is deleted. The command line provided above is for Tiger.

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